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H.Essers at a glance

H.Essers is a family-owned business that has helped clients optimise their supply chains since our foundation in 1928. Today, more than ever, our focus is on developing and implementing best-in-class sustainable transport, logistics and warehousing solutions. The values we hold dear as a family company are still our guiding principles.

A strong family DNA since 1928

About us

A strong family DNA since 1928

In 1928, Henri Essers started transporting cattle with a single truck. His sons Noël and Jules Essers joined him in 1950. In 2017, Hilde Essers took the helm. Over the course of three generations, the company has become one of Europe’s leading transport and logistics services providers for industries such as chemistry, healthcare, parts and infra. H.Essers achieved this through its entrepreneurial drive, organic growth and strategic acquisitions. In 2022, H.Essers reported a turnover of 1,1 billion euros. 

Today, our company employs more than 7,500 people at 89 branches in 18 countries in Western and Eastern Europe. Our corporate HQ is based in Genk (Belgium).

Our family DNA remains at the core of everything we do. We are flexible and communicate transparently with all stakeholders. This allows us to quickly adapt to changing demands from clients and market situations. As a family company, we want to build long-term partnerships with our clients, while also caring for our people and the world around us.

The right assets for your supply chains

Global reach, local expertise

Our strength lies in our asset-based strategy. Thanks to the in-house management of our own fleet, warehouses and IT systems, we maintain optimum control of all processes.

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The future of global logistics


We aim to be the worldwide logistics reference in strategic market segments.


We are your global partner offering sustainable, best in class solutions in a complex and challenging supply chain environment to create mutual profitable growth.

Our values

Our five corporate values help us achieve the best results in everything we do for all involved parties.


As reliable long-term partner, we believe in acting and communicating openly, honestly and fairly, in accordance with all laws and regulations.


We create a safe environment in which everyone feels respected and has the room to grow and develop.


We are driven by enthusiasm, we think in terms of solutions and we work together in a constructive way.


We always remain true to ourselves and simplify things wherever possible.


We invest in the growth and development of our people and our company. We are happy to brainstorm with our clients and come up with innovative solutions.