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Limburg consortium constructs iconic gateway building at Logistics Campus Limburg

GENK – A Limburg consortium, including Group Machiels and H.Essers, is joining forces to create an impressive gateway building at the Logistics Campus Limburg, located on the former Ford site in Genk. The consortium is purchasing four plots in zone A from POM Limburg and the city of Genk, where this new landmark will be erected.

The Logistics Campus Limburg (LCL) is part of Logistics Valley Flanders, a large-scale redevelopment of the former Ford site, covering a total of 134 hectares. The site is divided into three zones: A, B, and C. While zones B and C are already being developed with Genk Green Logistics, Port of Limburg, and H.Essers Dry Port, zone A will become the central meeting place for the logistics sector. In 2022, POM Limburg (80%) and the city of Genk (20%) jointly purchased 4.5 hectares of this central zone.

Logistical advantages
The entire 4.5 hectares are designated for the development of manufacturing and logistics support activities and the construction of a gateway building. Tom Vandeput, deputy for Economy and chairman of POM Limburg, stated: “With the Logistics Campus Limburg, we want to create a meeting place where innovation, collaboration, and digitization go hand in hand. This campus strengthens Limburg’s logistical advantages due to its location near the Albert Canal, the railway, and the E313 and E314 highways. It will become a crucial hub for the region.”

Genk Mayor Wim Dries added: “As mayor, I am incredibly proud of the progress we have made on this site. The iconic gateway building will be the eye-catcher of the latest developments. The fact that we are doing this with local partners gives confidence for the future. Together we strengthen the economy in the region and can create many new jobs.”

Best candidate
POM Limburg and the city of Genk sought a partner for the acquisition and development of the entire site. The collaboration between Group Machiels and H.Essers emerged as the best candidate. Louis Machiels, chairman of Group Machiels, commented: “In addition to what we have already achieved with Genk Green Logistics and Port of Limburg, we are pleased to now also play an important role as a family-run Limburg enterprise in the construction of the iconic gateway building, the final piece and eye-catcher of the reconversion and employment of this site.”

H.Essers CEO Gert Bervoets said: “As the first investor in the reconversion of this location with a rich history, we feel privileged to realize the final piece of this site together with our partners. This iconic gateway building, located at the heart of Limburg’s logistical network, is not only a symbol of innovation and sustainability but also a beacon in Europe. It marks the strategic position between the seaports and the European hinterland and forms a milestone of development that confirms our position as a leader in the logistics world.”

The tall gateway building of the Logistics Campus Limburg will serve as a landmark for Logistics Valley Flanders. The iconic building will be constructed primarily from wood and concrete and will include sustainable elements such as solar and wind energy and water conservation. At the same time, it will offer space for various functions. Tom Vandeput explained: “We are considering offices for administrative services for the logistics and industrial sectors, training facilities, local satellites of ports, but also a supermarket or catering establishment are possible.” From the Logistics Campus, POM Limburg will strengthen the ecosystem around logistics and warehousing, thereby contributing to the innovation and growth of the logistics sector in Limburg.

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