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Chemical logistics


Your one-stop shop for chemical logistics

In an industry where safety, quality & flexibility are of the utmost importance, H.Essers provides a compliant and reliable one-stop shop for your chemical goods. You can count on us to transport and store your bulk and packaged dangerous and non-dangerous chemicals. With value-added services such as filling, drumming and heating, custom IT systems and an intermodal logistics network that spans Europe, we have what it takes to get your goods where you want them, how you want them. Moreover, we are a reliable and long-term partner that works with you to optimise your entire chemicals supply chain.


Having gained decades of experience working for a wide range of customers, H.Essers is a pioneer in storing and handling chemicals, especially dangerous goods. To guarantee optimum solutions and short lead times, we own chemical warehouses in Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark and Romania. These multi-customer mega-sites can be flexibly adapted to suit changing customer needs with respect to volume and type of goods. All warehouses are compliant with local and European regulations and have all necessary infrastructure in place, such as temperature control, sprinklers and spill retention. We make things easier for our customers by combining additional services (ISO tank storage, heating, filling and drumming) into a one-stop-shop concept at our mega-sites. In combination with a robust system set-up, which can easily be copied in new regions, this makes H.Essers a valued warehousing partner.

Value-added services

We engineer safe and high-quality solutions for filling, (re)drumming and (re)packing your liquids (including dangerous goods) & solids in small and large packs. We provide these services at multiple strategic locations and develop the full range of services you need, including ISO Tank terminals, heating stations and filling lines. Other related services include quality control, sampling, blending, labelling and waste handling.

Packed transport

H.Essers is a leading multimodal service provider for packed chemicals, active throughout Europe. We have our own fleet, our own loading units and our own ADR-trained drivers for LTL and FTL deliveries. We also offer groupage transport solutions, both in-house and through our partner network. Our equipment is designed to carry heat-sensitive chemicals (ADR and non-ADR) and both our vehicles and our loading units are equipped with innovative monitoring systems that allow us to pro-actively communicate your cargo status. At H.Essers, we offer a dynamic combination of rail, barge and road transport, tailored specifically to your needs.

Liquid bulk transport

H.Essers is a pioneer in intermodal liquid bulk transport across Europe, with a local office network spanning the entire continent. With a growing fleet of more than 2,000 ISO tank containers, we manage transports of dangerous and non-dangerous bulk liquids throughout Europe with the utmost care. In addition, we have a fleet of dedicated tanks (non-insulated, insulated, temperature-controlled, etc.) to accommodate the specific needs of every product and flow. Supported by track-and-trace capabilities and our in-house TMS, we provide full supply chain visibility to our customers. We also offer rolling stock and longer-term storage. Whatever your needs, H.Essers has the ideal solution.

Dry bulk transport

H.Essers has what it takes to get your dry bulk moving. Our modern fleet of bulk trucks services Germany, France and the Benelux by road. Thanks to our intermodal bag-in-box solutions, cargo can be easily loaded onto trains and barges across Europe. As such, we always provide the most efficient and sustainable solution. With our own silos, rebulking and debagging facilities, as well as other value-added services, H.Essers is your one-stop shop for dry bulk.

Synchromodal chemical logistics

As a transport specialist in a fast-changing world, H.Essers is always looking for the best solution to serve its customers. For years now, H.Essers has been developing road, barge and rail solutions throughout Europe and in Asia. From reliability and lead times to cost control and carbon reduction, we tailor our modes to your needs and develop intermodal solutions for temperature-controlled products and dangerous goods. We even operate our own rail and barge terminals for packed goods, liquid bulk and dry bulk. Efficiency combined with sustainability: with H.Essers it’s transpossible.

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