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Are you looking for a high-quality warehousing solution for chemicals, healthcare products, parts? With multi-client megasites across Europe we offer a one-stop shop service for these segments in their crucial markets. Our expertise and sustainable vision help us add value to your supply chain in the long and short term. We can take on your challenges in our strategic locations, with a clear focus on safety, quality, compliance, customer intimacy operated by knowledgeable teams and supported by robust systems.

Dangerous goods storage

With multi-client Seveso sites throughout Europe and state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, H.Essers has become the industry leader in the storage of goods. We have the necessary expertise, permits and compliance systems to provide our clients in the chemical industry with a complete one stop shop offering. We create a safe environment for your goods and our employees and offer regular training programmes to ensure that they act in accordance with the strictest safety protocols.



Temperature controlled storage

As a logistics expert, we strive to provide our customers with comprehensive services. We translate complex issues into integrated solutions. As part of our temperature-controlled storage service, we can store goods in specific temperature zones, typically between 15-25 °C and 2-8 °C but we can also set up dedicated temperature zones (+15°C, -20°C, -70 °C, …) for specific volumes. All of our solutions comply with the strictest requirements.

Parts storage

Thanks to our years of experience with complex processes and flows, different storage solutions, strong systems set-up and engineering capabilities, we can offer you outstanding service levels for the parts industry including value-added services with maximum visibility and sophisticated systems integration.




No matter how complex your requirements, our teams handle all your warehousing needs. We don’t stop at traditional order picking: you can count on us for value-added activities, regardless of whether your goods are stored on pallets or in packages of all sizes. This includes labelling them in any language and taking samples to make sure your product meets your quality standards. In short, our dedicated team of experts handle the most complex warehousing processes according to strict safety and compliance standards.


Our robust in-house systems are the key to our success. They help us guarantee the quality, compliance and safety of our processes today and in the future. Where possible, we integrate our EWMS system with those of our clients to further increase their value add. Innovative tools ensure transparent communication, maximum visibility and valuable stock and volume management data for us and our clients.

Safety, quality and compliance

Safety, quality and compliance are at the heart of everything we do. They are integral to our daily operations, given the complex products we work with. We believe it is our responsibility to establish a safety and quality culture that upholds these pillars. We do so by ensuring that our people are highly trained, by working with state-of-the-art infrastructure and by closely monitoring and developing our procedures to continue to meet the strictest quality standards.


We aim to create a European network of regional and international distribution centres in the industry key markets to offer you a one-stop shop solution.

Sustainable warehousing

Our goal is to create carbon-neutral warehousing solutions by continuously investing in high-quality infrastructure. When it comes to sustainability, we go the extra mile for you. That’s why our warehouses have LED lighting that consumes minimal energy and we use rain water. We are also dedicated to creating a safe and healthy work environment for our people: focusing on health, ergonomics, training and professional development in our own H.Essers Training Academy, working with sheltered workshops and many more … by providing ergonomic furniture and creating a corporate health platform.


As a reliable all-in logistics partner for healthcare products and APIs, we always work according to GDP and GMP guidelines. Your goods are stored and handled in GDP certified facilities (warehouses and cross-docks). Rework activities, including labelling, (re)packing and changing leaflets, are carried out in our GMP certified workspaces. In addition, our in-house Quality Management System is based on GDP and GMP guidelines. Regular audits by the Ministry of Health attest to our ongoing compliance.

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