H.Essers develops intermodal logistics solutions for transporting your construction materials to the job site, from bricks to prefab elements.

Traditional building materials

A hassle-free solution for getting your building materials to the job site? It’s transpossible! Our Infrastructure Logistics business unit is the Benelux market leader in this segment. We can take on almost any challenge by drawing on our highly trained staff, our specialised fleet of trucks and trailers, and our strong regional presence in Belgium (Moorslede & Eksel) and the Netherlands (Weerst, Asten & Twello). In addition, we focus strongly on sustainable, intermodal transport. Whether it’s building materials, a concrete wall or a 30-metre silo: we make it transpossible.

Traditional building materials

Many architects still prefer traditional building methods for their design flexibility and durability. In order to meet tight deadlines, building materials such as bricks, clinkers and arches must be delivered to the site on time and with plenty of flexibility. H.Essers Infrastructure is happy to meet this need. Our diverse fleet of vehicles and our highly trained drivers help us streamline the entire construction process so you can focus on your core business: building.

Rentals and events

Looking for a reliable and versatile partner to deliver and pick up stands, stages, lighting, sound installations and other temporary elements? This is exactly what we do for event organisers, many of whom we have worked with for years. H.Essers Infrastructure guarantees flexibility, an impressive transport and warehousing capacity and on-time delivery. We also rent equipment to event organisers. In short, we help you create an unforgettable event by delivering all necessary infrastructure to your location.


Utilities, communication lines and infrastructure are indispensable in today’s society. H.Essers helps utility companies by delivering virtually all materials they need. To that end, our fleet has vehicles of varying sizes and capabilities. Our drivers load and unload the materials themselves using a different cranes and ensure safe and efficient site assembly.


With faster construction times and consistently high quality, prefabricated and modular construction is gaining popularity. The challenge lies in transporting the large elements safely and smoothly. With this in mind. we’ve invested heavily in expanding our fleet of low loaders, flatbed trucks and extendable flatbed trailers. This makes H.Essers Infrastructure an extremely flexible logistics partner for modular construction projects of all sizes.

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