Pharma logistics specialist H.Essers takes care of distribution COVID-19 vaccines

Pharma logistics specialist H.Essers takes care of distribution COVID-19 vaccines

We are absolutely looking forward to using our years of expertise in the pharmaceutical industry to contribute to a historic moment like this.”

As Pfizer and BioNTech have received authorization* in the European Union, the Pfizer/BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed throughout Europe, starting on December 26. Pharmaceutical manufacturer Pfizer counts on logistics service provider H.Essers for the distribution of the vaccine. H.Essers has acquired extensive expertise in setting up integrated logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry and has been a trusted partner of Pfizer for the past fifteen years. “We are absolutely delighted that we can now use this know-how to contribute to a historic moment like this,” says H.Essers CEO Gert Bervoets.

Pfizer is delighted to be able to join forces with H.Essers for these deliveries. H.Essers CEO Gert Bervoets: “The whole world was waiting for this news. As a strategic partner, we are ready to support Pfizer with the safe and rapid distribution of vaccines, to make sure that people can be vaccinated soon. Since 2006, our company has built up a highly specialised pharmaceutical network within Europe for the – often complex – transport of sensitive pharmaceutical products. In combination with our technologically well-equipped, highly secured trailers, we are able to organize the safe and temperature-controlled transport of these vaccines.”

In the coming months, H.Essers will be responsible for the primary distribution by road to various distribution platforms and airports throughout Europe. Thanks to its own fleet of 600 secured and temperature-controlled trailers, the logistics service provider is ready to respond flexibly and quickly, even during exceptional peak periods.

Joint expertise

“In our many years of collaboration with Pfizer and other pharmaceutical customers, we have built up an enormous joint expertise in the field of temperature-sensitive transports,” says H.Essers CEO Gert Bervoets. “This also means that we can act fast. We have just finalised a road map which will ensure a flawless and secure distribution.” “Transport times, 24/7 monitoring and end-to-end tracking and tracing are essential aspects of the road map,” adds Danny Hendrikse, Vice President Intercompany Operations at Pfizer. “The temperature needs to be monitored constantly. Besides, several logistics partners will be responsible for the global distribution. All these partners will be connected to a global Pfizer system. This will enable us to see where a particular shipment is at any time.”

Temperature sensitivity

The strict compliance to the temperature requirements is garanteed by the combination of the passive packaging with dry ice designed by the pharmaceutical company itself, with H.Essers’ high-tech fleet and proven transport processes for pharmaceutical logistics. The logistics company’s own control tower monitors the location and temperature of the trailers 24/7.

First deliveries on December 26

Now that Pfizer has the approval, the first vaccines for Europe can be delivered this year. On Dec 26, 27 countries will be able to receive a first delivery, all at the same time. This distribution operation will take place in compliance with the strict temperature and security conditions. The transports will be accompanied by a security escort and monitored by the H.Essers control tower.

“Nothing is really left to chance”, says Gert Bervoets. “Both the production and the logistics have been prepared down to the last detail in order to guarantee the rapid and safe distribution of the vaccines.”

* The EC has granted the first candidate vaccine against the COVID-19 virus a conditional marketing authorization (CMA) to Pfizer and BioNTech for COMIRNATY® (also known as BNT162b2), for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus, in individuals 16 years of age and older.