Your spare parts. Where you need them, when you need them.

One-stop shop

A ready supply of spare parts is essential for increasing efficiency, reducing costly downtime, and avoiding process disruptions. Getting the right parts to the right place at the right time, however, can be challenging. What if there was a partner that offered you a high-quality one-stop-shop solution? That’s what we at H.Essers aim to do with our dedicated team of experts in the global parts supply chain, our systems we develop in-house, and our strategic locations close to international cargo hubs. Whether it’s industrial installations, medical equipment, energy systems or aerospace parts, H.Essers caters to the logistics needs of every industry. You’ll benefit from fast and reliable service, sharp SLAs, real time information, and much more.

One-stop shop

We not only take care of warehousing, but also integrate other logistics processes. For example, we include external express services – which you are free to select – into the chain, including digital communication and tracking systems. Since H.Essers is AEO-certified, we also speed up flows by handling international paperwork through our in-house customs department. With our one-stop shop concept, we take matters off your hands and significantly reduce your total cost of ownership.


From storage to order picking to delivery, all steps are fully traceable. Thanks to our WMS developed in-house, we trace parts down to the serial number level or even as a component of a bill of material. This means you always have a real-time overview of where your parts are and were. We draw on the insights from our two other core segments: healthcare and chemical logistics. These sectors demand transparency and traceability of products down to serial numbers and/or the smallest packaging. Our expertise in these segments inspires our Parts approach, so you too benefit from unrivalled traceability.


We stand out as a logistics service provider because we build our own IT systems. The advantage is that these systems, including the Warehouse Management System for spare parts, can easily be customized to integrate with your systems. In addition, we pay a lot of attention to innovation and the continuous improvement of processes. Also when it comes to WMS. Being at the helm of our software allows us to implement new and improved features immediately and to tailor our systems to our and our clients’ needs.

Let’s partner up for your parts logistics