About Huktra

About Huktra

Company profile

We offer intermodal transport of bulk liquid and powder materials by tank container. We specialise in combined transport using a variety of road, rail and sea combinations across Europe.

Our fleet, currently 900 tank containers, is managed by our offices in Zeebrugge (BE), Manchester (UK), Tarragona (SP) and Novara (IT).
We operate third party tank containers as well. We undertake trucking, shipping, railing, logistic planning, cleaning, repair and maintenance of customer owned tank container fleets.

Our aim is to continuously improve our quality, keeping safety as a prime target and developing long term relationships with our customers.

Facts & Figures

  • Branch offices in Belgium, UK, Spain and Italy
  • Central maintenance center in Zeebrugge, Belgium
  • Over 900 high quality tank containers with Tracking & Tracing unit
  • Different types of transport (chemical/edible – liquid/powder)
  • Various volumes from 7500 litres up to 37.000 litres
  • Safety & Quality service (ISO 9001:2015)
  • Custom built equipment
  • pan-European coverage
  • 45 dedicated staff members
  • Over 40 years of transport experience
  • Modern IT Infrastructure (Tracking & Tracing), EDI connections, custom made ERP, …)
  • Established in 1976

Our vision of the future

Huktra NV plans further development in Europe, based upon the quality of its equipment and systems, and the commitment of its people.

The fleet size has reached over 900 units and is still growing. Consequent investments in our IT infrastructure and implementation of quality orientated audit programs protect the existing high-quality and cost-effective service level.

These efforts have been rewarded with the ISO 9000 certificate since 1992, now evolved into the new 9001:2015 certificate and by passing the SQAS audit several times with excellent results. Huktra was also the first intermodal tank container operator to obtain the GMP certificate.

Prime attention is and always will be given to quality and open communication with the customer at all levels. Safety before profitability – always!

As a transport company, nobody can ever offer the perfect, never failing service package.
Huktra isn’t able to make trains run faster, or avoid unexpected traffic jams, but in return puts all of its efforts into offering quick and qualitative communication, and fulfilling customer’s requirements.

Company History

Huktra NV was established in 1976 by Roland Van Poucke as a small forwarding company, located in the port of Zeebrugge (Belgium).
Huktra’s core business at that time was international forwarding. During those initial years, Huktra acquired some tank containers. This type of equipment was new and unique at the time.
Tank containers formed an interesting alternative towards sending driver accompanied vehicles across the channel. They were ideal in size and weight for both liquid and powder products, allowing new increased net weights to be carried.

The office was situated in the port of Zeebrugge, a modern, dynamic European port with fluent intermodal connections between rail and shipping systems. The outer port, partially built on land gained from the sea, is round-the-clock accessible to all modes of modern and fast traffic.
Zeebrugge’s swift cross channel operations prove to be an asset for Huktra’s transport operations.

From 1982 on, Huktra started building and buying new containers for the further expansion of their tank container fleet. During the mid-eighties, Huktra targeted its efforts mainly on Benelux. In 1989, the company experienced an explosive growth when Huktra bought large amounts of tank containers and expanded its activities to mainland Europe. In correlation with this expansion, Huktra started to use the intermodal rail network to improve the level of quality service towards its customers.

Very quickly, Huktra developed a regular transport system between the Benelux and Italy, carrying all types of chemicals and edibles back and forth. The combination of the rail advantages with the Huktra system produced a successful business, and resulted in the founding of Huktra’s first subsidiary in Novara, Italy.

Mid 1992, Huktra moved into a new office complex, located in the Transportzone Zeebrugge, Belgium. The complex is owned by Huktra, and expresses the ambition of further growth, through an always improving service package and a distinctive quality approach.

Managed from its new office, Huktra continued its successful business with Italy, and started a similar system towards Spain. It allowed Huktra once again to widen its service to multinational chemical customers and traders in the edible market. The system developed gradually and showed the same success as the Italian route. As a next logical step Huktra established an office in Tarragona, Spain by 1994.

In 1996, Huktra reorganised its activities in the UK. The unavoidable separation with Huktra UK Ltd in Widnes gave the company the opportunity to set up its own office in Manchester, UK. These changes made it possible for Huktra to provide the same high quality and reliable service to customers all over Europe. At the same time, on the operational side, Huktra engaged into two long-term partnerships with high-quality local hauliers, who both carry the ISO 9002 certification, similar to Huktra’s own certification standard.

In 2012, Huktra acquired a new site for its Maintenance center situated next to our main office in Zeebrugge, Belgium.

Huktra, with offices in Zeebrugge (Belgium), Novara (Italy), Manchester (UK) and Tarragona (Spain), became part H.Essers in 2018.

The company now owns and operates an ever-growing fleet of tank containers, and is involved in transport of chemicals as well as edibles (liquid and powder form).