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Radio station MNM joins the search for new talent

On Friday 11 February, MNM radio station set up shop at our new headquarters. During the morning show, young H.Essers talents discussed their work live on the air. This was part of the JumpJobs project, which introduces young people to the labour market and helps them gain relevant work experience – an initiative that aligns perfectly with H.Essers’ Talent Acquisition policy.

MNM JumpJobs is a collaboration between VRT, VOKA, the Department of Work and Social Economy and six key partners: H.Essers, Coca Cola, Lotus Bakeries, BASF, Johnson & Johnson and Telenet. Peter Van de Veire visited all of these companies in the week of 7 February to kick-off the project. The final day was reserved for H.Essers and the atmosphere was great. On Thursday afternoon MNM Hits played the song requests submitted by our employees and on Friday morning the show went live from our headquarters.

No degree or experience needed

MNM JumpJobs aims to get students and recent graduates interested in applying for operational and staff positions at H.Essers. For young people, the road to the labour market is often riddled with obstacles. Degree requirements and a lack of experience can prevent them from applying for their dream job. JumpJobs gives them the opportunity to apply online, in an easy and accessible way. Instead of checking for experience or degrees, we assess the candidate’s motivation and talent. It is an excellent opportunity to gain experience and earn an income and can also serve as a stepping-stone to a permanent position.

Employer branding

The project will run until September, during which candidates work for a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of six months. If both parties are pleased with how it went, the person concerned gets the chance to join the H.Essers family.

The project will be promoted heavily in the coming months, both online and offline. The ultimate goal is to get candidates enthusiastic about working for H.Essers and to boost our employer branding. ‘To become the employer of choice on the labour market, you have to have a strong employer brand,’ says HR director Mike Dautzenberg. ‘It’s the only way to attract new talent. The underlying theme of our Talent Acquisition policy sums it up perfectly: it’s about you!’

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