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On the spot: Jasper Lankens – Warehouse Manager Wilrijk

Our site in Wilrijk is an important hub for our customers in the chemical sector. Here, Warehouse Manager Jasper Lankens oversees the value-added services we offer. In this article, he tells us more about what his job entails and the efforts he and his team make to provide customers with comprehensive services.

It all started with an internship in 2019. Jasper knew H.Essers as the largest employer in Limburg and saw us as the perfect place to round off his business management degree. The internship exceeded his expectations. ‘I instantly felt at home here,’ he says. ‘The atmosphere was warm and inviting and the work was fascinating. That’s why I decided to apply for a permanent position as soon as I graduated.’

Filling lines

Jasper was hired as a process engineer in 2019 and has since held various positions in different departments. ‘After about a year I switched to Operations and started working as a warehouse manager at the Wilrijk site. This position usually involves supervising warehouse activities but given that most of our customers work in the chemical sector, I’m mainly responsible for the filling lines. The chemical goods arrive in bulk on large tankers, which we connect and empty. We then package the content in smaller volumes.’ Next, the drums and IBCs (square storage tanks) are loaded onto trailers or pallets and taken to the warehouses, where the responsibility shifts to the other supervisors. ‘I see myself as working in more of a production environment than a warehouse setting,’ says Jasper.

Learning every day

In October 2021, Jasper transferred his responsibilities to a colleague so he could support another team in Genk. This makes him a versatile and flexible asset for departments looking for an experienced manager. Jasper returned to Wilrijk two months ago to oversee the warehousing activities and to prepare for the opening of a new filling hall (843). ‘We recently expanded our one-stop-shop concept for our chemical customers,’ he explains. ‘This included creating new filling lines and new storage areas. Despite offering value-added services such as drumming since 2017, our team learns something new every day. We are always innovating to meet the current and future needs of our customers.’


The time Jasper spends in the warehouse and at the office varies from day to day. ‘Some days I’ll have three back-to-back meetings and others I’ll spend all day in the warehouse. It’s extremely important for me to connect with the people I work with and understand things from their perspective. In the warehouse we mainly work with closed packages, but the risk of chemical contact is a lot higher in a filling environment. Safety always comes first. I work closely with support services like the prevention and purchasing departments. Ensuring everyone’s safety means you can’t leave anything to chance.’


Sustainability is an important aspect of our daily work at H.Essers. ‘Optimisation is more than just creating efficient filling lines and developing custom solutions – these are important, but we also have to take energy and waste flows into account. We’re currently working on a solution to minimise chemical waste. Instead of destroying the packaging, the manufacturer buys it back and adds a new plastic outer lining. The pallets and iron frames are reused. We really love solutions like these.’

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