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Infra segment enters new growth phase and increases foothold in the Netherlands

The H.Essers Infra team has been building a reputation for years, i.e. literally building the infrastructure of municipalities and companies, but also developing its own course towards expanding this strategic segment. In this context, we have acquired another major infrastructure specialist in the Netherlands: Verheul Transport from Twello. Stefan Wijns, Business Unit Manager Infra, is happy to explain the takeover.

In 1963, Verheul was founded by Arie Verheul. It all started with the transport of paving stones and potatoes, and over the years the company became an expert in the transport of building materials, prefab concrete and decorative paving. Heavy and complex transports, just the job for Verheul’s perfectly suited fleet. “Verheul’s specialities and fleet, as well as its business mentality, are a perfect match for H.Essers’ ambitions for a strategic, as well as durable, expansion of the infrastructure segment,” says Stefan Wijns. “The 50 employees and the entire fleet are to become part of the H.Essers family, we are pleased to say.” The Verheul Transport management, the Leendert brothers and Jaap Verheul, will also be at the helm in the coming years.

Broad knowledge, additional capacity

With this takeover, our company aims to further expand its presence and expertise in the Netherlands, particularly in the field of infrastructure. “We are currently market leader in the Benelux with this segment,” Stefan continues. “We are absolutely intent on consolidating that position. Verheul’s operational site in the province of Gelderland gives us ideal access to all parts of the Netherlands and Belgium. Verheul also counts with a modern workshop in Twello, where the technical staff keep the fleet in top condition.” For Verheul, the takeover is also a strategic move towards a larger offer for its customers. “In this way, both companies can draw on each other’s extensive expertise,” according to Stefan. “This will allow us to expand our construction transport even more, especially the transport of precast and concrete products.”

Previous acquisitions

In recent years, H.Essers has already heavily invested in the expansion of its infrastructure segment, like the acquisition of Gebroeders Hoefnagels Transport in 2019. This acquisition is complementary to Verheul and provides the company with a strategic position in Dutch Brabant. “Last year, we also had the mutual acquisition of Alders Transport from Pelt,” says Stefan. “This smart move made it possible for H.Essers to take over Alders’ construction transport activities, and for Alders to simultaneously take over H.Essers’ tipper activities. Each of these acquisitions has been a win-win for the companies involved. And in every agreement, family values and customer loyalty remain the priority. We are proud to see where our values have taken our infrastructure segment today.”

Are you curious to find out what the H.Essers Infra segment can do for you? Please feel free to contact Stefan Wijns (stefan.wijns@essers.com).

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