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H.Essers anticipates advanced, tailor-made solutions in Genk and Oudsbergen for Evonik

How can we help our customers to take their supply chain to an even higher level? That’s the question that is regularly brainstormed by our teams. This is also how we ended up at the drawing board with a powerful solution for our customer Evonik, with applications for our sites in Genk and Oudsbergen. Maarten Goossens and Roel Daelmans will be telling us more about the developments within this special project.

Evonik, a pioneering market leader in specialty chemicals, has had strong and enduring partnership with H.Essers for the transportation of packaged and bulk goods for some years now. “Still, we like to look beyond our current services in order to provide valuable and full solutions to support our customers in all activities”, says Maarten Goossens, Global Industry Lead Chemicals. “That’s why we sat down with Evonik and designed a concept related to their needs and wishes.” A process that can’t be rushed. “The preparations were really important”, continues Roel Daelmans, Senior Project Manager at H.Essers. “We ran through all processes down to the last detail before actually proceeding to the implementation.” Johannes Geisslinger, Global Planning & Logistics Management at Evonik Silica, also sensed the great care taken in the preparations: “We really appreciated the structured approach to the project. Thanks to the guiding expertise of H.Essers, we were able to achieve successful results.”

Design thinking

In fact, there were several projects, since the request concerned two of Evonik’s business units: Silica on the Oudsbergen site, where efforts are centred on warehousing, fast rebulking and the transport of loaded pallets, and AC (Coating & Adhesive Resins) in Winterslag, where work involves hazardous substances, flammables and piece-picking. “The investments are fully aligned with the current developments within our chemical segment, in which the focus lies on specialty chemicals, systems & innovation and sustainable supply chain solutions”, explains Maarten. “We are keen to offer the customer a centralised, end-to-end solution. Design thinking at the highest level.” During the design process, the corona measures had to be taken into account. “I am proud of the fact that we have been able to realise this project without any form of face-to-face discussion”, adds Hans Fraats, Performance Management & Projects at Evonik. “Together we rose to the challenge, partly thanks to a structured communication matrix.”


Debagging, or emptying big bags and small bags above a bulk truck, is a large part of this project. “Plus the synchronisation of our mutual systems”, says Roel. “By linking our WMS (Warehouse Management System) and TMS (Transport Management System) with Evonik’s systems, the customer now enjoys real-time visibility. The lead times can be viewed instantly by the customer, which adds tremendous value. In addition, Evonik can immediately consult the level of stock available.” Meanwhile, for Evonik, we are taking care of part of their forwarding, transport from our crossdock in Genk, synchromodal services including train transport from Turkey and to China, an inbound shuttle flow, and warehousing. “And we are ready to stock their temperature-controlled goods (15-25°C) in the future as well”, adds Maarten.

Further expansion

A successful formula, so it seems, since Evonik has returned only six months after the start of the project to request a further 6,000 m2 expansion. Johannes Geisslinger agrees. “With H.Essers we have found a partner who shares our mindset and fits perfectly within our value chain approach. As an experienced logistics provider in the chemical sector, H.Essers is the ideal partner to support our supply chain and create added value for our customers. Meanwhile, H.Essers is managing what is one of the most efficient and state-of-the-art rebulking stations in Europe for our Silica activities.” This is achieved partly thanks to future-proof processes, digitisation and a high quality standard. “The work was carried out succesfully due to mutual trust”, adds Roel. And that inspires even more confidence for the future. Johannes: “We have made the right decision in choosing H.Essers to realise this project and look forward to expanding our partnership in warehousing, value-added services and transport.”

Would you like to know more about the end-to-end solutions H.Essers can provide? Or are you looking for a partner in (chemical) logistics to help you plan on a strategic level? Maarten Goossens (maarten.goossens@essers.com) would be delighted to assist you.

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