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Coral Transports & Stocks becomes H.Essers Spain

In October 2021, H.Essers finalised the acquisition of the Spanish family-owned company Coral Transports & Stocks. As a specialist in chemical logistics, the takeover would provide H.Essers with strategic expansion opportunities in Spain while retaining the family values that both companies hold dear. The acquisition process marked the start of the incorporation of Coral into H.Essers. With this integration process nearing completion, it’s time to celebrate the transformation from Coral Transports & Stocks into H.Essers Spain. This will take the form of a festive hand-over ceremony in which we celebrate and thank the Comas family that founded the company for their years of dedication.

Alexander Stas served as Integration Manager for H.Essers and will now continue as Business Unit Manager South. ‘As a logistics service provider, we want to help our clients achieve geographical growth in countries in which they experience logistical challenges,’ he says, looking back on the integration. ‘We do this by offering transport and warehousing solutions. Spain is an important region for our clients in the chemicals sector, so we started looking for local expertise and infrastructure. With their strong market position, impeccable track record and in-depth knowledge, Coral Transports & Stocks was an impressive player in the chemical logistics sector. Like H.Essers, it’s also a family business that shares many of our values. This helped make the integration process extremely smooth.’


‘We are deeply grateful to the Comas family and their employees for building the strong company we see today. And we’d like to thank them for their openness and positivity during the integration process. Our shared values ensured plenty of goodwill on both sides, which was an important factor in the success of the integration. I would also like to thank my colleagues at H.Essers for their hard work these past few months.’

With the acquisition process nearing completion, Coral Transports & Stocks will continue as a subsidiary of H.Essers under the name H.Essers Spain. Directors Joan Comas and his wife Nuria Roset will start their hard-earned retirement after the festive celebrations on 30 June. Partners and clients will also attend this event. Daughter Sandra Comas and son Oscar Comas will remain active members of the H.Essers Spain management team. The 180 employees of Coral Transports & Stocks will also remain on board. To express our gratitude and welcome them to the H.Essers family, we have invited them to join us at the H.Essers Family Day on 2 July.

Local expertise

‘For the employees, the acquisition marked the start of a new adventure. They are now part of a larger organisation with extensive opportunities for professional growth and development. We are impressed by their expertise in chemical logistics and their understanding of the regulations and their local network. This knowledge of the local market is indispensable if we want to grow together as a logistics service provider for the chemicals sector in Spain,’ says Alexander Stas.

H.Essers Spain will ideally become a growth centre for H.Essers, specifically for the chemical logistics sector, but there are also plans to develop solutions for the healthcare industry as well. ‘There is huge demand for chemical solutions on the Spanish market,’ explains Stas. ‘Joining forces has given us even more know-how and access to strategic hubs in the north and centre of Spain that are firmly embedded in an extensive domestic and European distribution network,’ Stas continues. ‘We look forward to develop custom solutions for our clients.’

Do you want to expand your presence in Spain and Southern Europe? H.Essers offers custom one-stop-shop solutions for your supply chain. Contact Oscar Comas (Oscar.Comas@essers.com) or Alexander Stas (Alexander.Stas@essers.com) to schedule an obligation-free meeting to discuss your plans.

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