FAQ Romania e-Transport

What is e-Transport and who is affected?

The RO e-Transport system is imposed by the RO Government to monitor all transports on the RO Territory. The main affected actors are the (un)loading addresses (registered with a RO VAT nr).
The RO e-Transport system, through the mechanisms it manages, will have an important contribution to the reduction of the VAT GAP, by monitoring the transports carried out with goods aiming at the taxation of commercial transactions and the increase of receipts to the state budget.


What is UIT and what does it represent?

UIT = Unique Identification Transport
The UIT code is the unique code generated by the RO e-Transport System through which the goods that are subject to the transport of goods are identified. The data relating to the sender and the recipient, the name, characteristics, quantities and value of the goods transported, the places of loading and unloading, details of the means of transport used will be recorded in the system.


When will e-Transport start?

It has already started, and since January 1, 2024, it is mandatory for all goods (un)loaded in RO. However, there is a grace period till July 1, 2024.


How do we request a UIT code?

The declaration in the RO e-transport system will create a unique UIT number which needs to be communicated to all involved parties (carrier, buyer/seller, distributor). It will be declared via Private Virtual Space.


When must the UIT be available?

RO Inbound: before the truck crosses the RO Border
RO Outbound: Before the truck departs from loading address.


How long upfront can the RO (un)loading address request the UIT?

3 calendar days before start of transport RO the UIT can be requested. The UIT will remain valid for 15 calendar days.


The fact that we can create 3 calendar days upfront, does this mean that for shipments to RO, we can only request the UIT when the long-haul trip to RO has already departed? Or can we ask the UIT earlier, as it has a validity of 15 calendar days?

It can be requested earlier but remember that the UIT validity is only 15 calendar days after issuing of the UIT.


What if a UIT has expired, can it be extended?

No, a UIT cannot be extended. When expired, the only option is to request a new UIT (by the entity that has the possibility to request (RO based (un)loading address))


How long does it take after request, to obtain the UIT?

There is no clear answer on this question, the RO authorities are confident the system will be capable to deal with the requests within a short time frame.


Where and when will there be checks?

The driver must have the code in his/her disposal whenever on the RO Territory. We assume there will be checks at the border, but this may occure anywhere in RO.
The following entities can do controls: Border Control, Fiscal Control and Local Police.

RO will also link the border cameras with license plate registration to the e-Transport System.


Do we need the UIT referenced on the CMR?

No, but the driver must always have the UIT code with him.
The Driver may have to work with an App on his smartphone to store the UIT.


What happens when the Carrier applies different equipment than foreseen (different license plates)?

In case H.Essers is using RO-registered truck, H.Essers can make the change in the e-Transport system. Otherwise, the RO (un)loading address must make the change.


Which License Plates are affected?

Both the pulling unit and the trailer. PS: Only vehicles > 2,5 Ton are affected.


What do we do when there is no UIT code at RO Loading Address?

The truck will be on hold, and waiting charges are applied.


What if there is a driver swap (but not the truck) in RO?

No impact, as the UIT is linked to the license plates of both Pulling Unit and Trailer.


What if  the pulling unit is swapped in RO? So part of the journey in RO is with Truck A, and then onwards in RO with Truck B?

The UIT remains the same, however before truck B starts driving, the UIT will need to be amended.


What if the e-Transport system is not working? Is there a manual workaround?

In case there is an official outage the UIT will need to be regularised within 1 working day after operational restart of the system.


Do we need a UIT for empty movements?



Do we need a UIT for transiting through RO (eg. HU to TR)?

No, but in the future the RO authorities may impose another regime (e-Seal) for such shipments.


Do we need a UIT for bonded goods (under customs transit doc)?

Yes, but only between (un)loading location and customs address, in case they are not the same.


Does it also relate to VAN shipments (with van <2,5 Tons)?

When the Tarra weight > 2,5T, it is required. So most vans will also need a UIT.


Who will get a penalty in case of violation?

The carrier who is caught with the transport of undeclared goods/transport, for not providing the UIT number and the shipper /recipient of the goods for not declaring details in PVS


What will be the amount penalty?

Fines for the driver being unable to present the UIT amount from 5,000 RON to 10,000 RON.
Fines for Non-compliance by the RO (un)loading entity can result in fines from RON 20,000 to RON 100,000 and the potential confiscation of undeclared goods. (Indicative exchange: 1 RON = 0,2 EUR)