Secured warehousing

customization to your specific requirements is possible

Secured warehousing


Next to the TAPA TSR 1 fleet, H.Essers offers also secured warehouse solutions.
The specific security level depends on the products stored, our mutual agreements and the demand of our customers. The security level basis for high value products is TAPA FSR A, nevertheless customization to your specific requirements is possible.

Next to our extended experience with high value products, H.Essers gained a lot of knowledge from the years of experience in the pharma industry where the security levels are very strict and even governmentally captured.

Examples of the warehouse security equipment are: outer fencing with vibration detection, CCTV coverage and detail camera in defined areas, limited access areas, badge controlled entrances, burglary alarms, movement beams, etc.

Our systems do support detailed registration of the product stored with serial number tracking and tracing even if they are part of an assembly.


Our staff involved with your valuable products is screened, trained and skilled for the job. Reliable and secure operations are key.


H.Essers creates customized SOP’s for each operation. These procedures are followed by the letter and guarded via our QMS. Basis ingredients of our QMS are fed by the prescriptions of our certifications as e.g. ISO9001, AEO, TAPA & Known Consignor.

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