“We will increasingly strengthen our position as a logistics service provider in Denmark – in all segments”

“We will increasingly strengthen our position as a logistics service provider in Denmark – in all segments”

Recently, our red trucks have been hard to miss in the Danish media. H.Essers was given the honourable task of transporting Pfizer’s first Covid vaccines throughout Europe, which has given us a great deal of publicity. What some people are unaware of, however, is that H.Essers has been active in Denmark, particularly as a warehousing specialist, since 2008. Steven Swennen, Business Unit Manager Nordics, explains what else our red-and-white logo stands for in Denmark.

In 2014, H.Essers made a strategic move with the acquisition of Neff A/S, a Danish logistics service provider. “We had been operating in Denmark for many years,” says Steven Swennen, “but that particular acquisition was an important step in the further expansion of our pharma and food segments in Northern Europe. Since then, we have put several new warehouses into use.”

The main locations of H.Essers in Denmark are now in Allerød, some 30 kilometres north of Copenhagen, and Taastrup, a suburb of the capital. “So far, our focus there has always been on warehousing, with a total operational surface of 45,000 m² today,” explains Steven. “The sites are strategically located and therefore we have managed to obtain several licences over the years for the high-quality storage of hazardous goods, medicines and raw materials for food products. In this way we give our customers the opportunity to store their goods in the safest conditions and then transport them smoothly from there to Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and even Iceland.”

Long-term plan

Our company is expected to become even more active in the Danish logistics market through strategic expansion in the future. “Our multi-year plan focuses strongly on the segments for which H.Essers is known in the rest of Europe, including chemistry. We are therefore working hard to obtain the licensing and facilities to become the absolute market leader in Denmark regarding chemistry and pharma logistics.” And in the meantime, Steven and his colleagues are focusing on providing the best possible service to Danish warehousing customers. “What distinguishes H.Essers in Belgium and the other European locations also applies to our presence in Denmark: the customer comes first. With our know-how, experience and professionalism we take the customer’s supply chain to a new level. We seize every logistical challenge with both hands.” Is there still room for new customers? “Always. We make sure that every customer can rely on us for their warehousing needs. In Denmark, too, our team always thinks in terms of possibilities.”

Would you like to know more about our activities in Scandinavia? Are you in need of a logistical solution in Danish regions for which you would like the support of H.Essers? Steven Swennen (steven.swennen@essers.com) will be pleased to assist you.