State-of-the-art and novel infrastructure for brand-new warehouse at Dry Port Genk

State-of-the-art and novel infrastructure for brand-new warehouse at Dry Port Genk

In September 2019, we started building another brand-new warehouse at Dry Port Genk. Not just any warehouse, because with its 15,000 m² and no less than five different combinations of temperature zones and sprinkler systems, this new building has numerous options for both the chemical and pharmaceutical segments of H.Essers. The construction works will be completed this month and ‘warehouse 14F’ will be operational by this summer. Customers can rest assured: their goods will be stored and processed with the most secure and advanced technologies. Carlo Theunissen, COO Warehousing at H.Essers, is closely involved in the project and is happy to explain the features.

With 160,000 m² of warehousing capacity, Dry Port Genk has now grown into a megasite. For H.Essers these large sites have become a must. Carlo Theunissen: “It is in line with our philosophy: by providing more space and facilities for our customers, we automatically offer more flexibility. And it is precisely this flexibility that makes the big difference in the chemical and pharmaceutical segment. With this third building, we will further increase that flexibility and be able to provide the pharmaceutical and chemical industry with a high-quality one-stop-shop facility.”











Safe loading and unloading

Thanks to years of experience in the pharmaceutical and chemical segment, our company has become a reference in compliance with safety, infrastructure and quality regulations. This expertise comes together nicely in the new building. “Today we offer a very wide range of services: we can store goods in different temperature zones (2-8°C, 5°C, 12°C, 15-25°C, -20°C), we hold complex certificates such as for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), storage of narcotics and psychotropics, storage of Seveso goods, etc. Our value-added services are also becoming increasingly complex and include serialisation, filling and labelling lines, repackaging in insulating boxes, and dry ice packaging.” 

In warehouse 14F, pharmaceutical goods can be stored in different temperature zones. “And thanks to several sprinkler systems, we can offer a state-of-the art and secure solution with maximum flexibility for our customers. For example, a loading and unloading floor of 2,500 m² was installed in this building, connected to a very specific sprinkler system. This allows all types of goods, large or small, flammable or not, to be loaded, unloaded and stored safely in the same place.”

The first in Belgium

At the same time, H.Essers is presenting a novelty to the world with this building. “We will store flammable goods in refrigerated conditions for one of the giants in the pharmaceutical industry. We built a cold store especially for this purpose, completely in line with the GDP certificate and the ATEX directives for explosive goods. This is, as far as we know, the first and only cold store in Belgium which is so advanced.” We also installed an emergency generator which, in case of emergency, can power the entire site with 1000 kVA. But what is perhaps most striking about this building are the facilities for processing hazardous pharmaceutical products, such as a special filling room in which employees can safely repack and dose hazardous products. “An interesting overlap between chemistry and pharmaceuticals,” Carlo adds. “We’ll be hiring lab technicians to accurately perform this delicate work.”

Extra jobs

Also present in the building is a labelling line, which automatically applies stickers to packaging. “That way we have everything under one roof, and that offers a lot of added value,” says Carlo. “We have erected a highly technical and complex building to meet the most diverse needs of the sector. The new facility is also creating about thirty new jobs, which will help ensure that we can offer our customers the safest and most efficient service.”

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