New activities at new Genk-Zuid site

New activities at new Genk-Zuid site

At the end of February, H.Essers and Infrax announced that the former K-hall at the Ford site would be redeveloped as a distribution centre for network company Infrax. H.Essers will supply the contractors of Infrax daily from Genk-Zuid.

Same service, lower costs

Infrax had five warehouses located at their registered offices in Hasselt, Hoboken, Lubbeek and Torhout. These have now been centralised and entrusted to an external partner, resulting in 20% cost savings. Following the tender procedure, logistics service provider H.Essers was selected on the basis of their experience and expertise, and because they had come up with an optimal total solution. Preparations for this transformation took more than 18 months. There is a great deal involved in managing a warehouse of this size: orders, stock management, detail picking with various parameters, and so on.

Transportation management also covers a broad range, with groupage shipments, direct deliveries, express shipments and exceptional transport. All this for an extremely extensive and varied array of products, ranging from nuts and bolts to large spools and 13-metre-long posts. All communication lines between Infrax, the contractors and the external warehouse had to be optimally tested. It was a huge project set-up, but all parties are now more than ready.

The first Infrax warehouse to close will be in Hasselt. Each subsequent month, another will close, so that by the end of June all logistics and supply will take place from the former Ford site.

Collection points

The centralisation means that Infrax’s suppliers can deliver their goods to a single location. From now on, the ordered materials will be dispatched every day from this central warehouse in Genk to the contractors collaborating with Infrax and to twenty collection points. H.Essers will deliver these materials to the collection points in the name of the Infrax technicians, who can then restock their service vehicles on the spot. Besides centralised delivery, the new working method has numerous advantages. Stocks can be reduced and materials that were previously rarely used no longer need to be available at four locations.

Good accessibility

The site for the new warehouses was chosen by H.Essers. It is a building located on Mondeolaan in Genk that was already owned by H.Essers and previously rented out to one of the car manufacturer’s suppliers. The warehouses were refurbished in early January and several new unloading bays were added. The Infrax warehouse currently utilises 10,000 m² in the vacant factory hall and 15,000 m² outdoor storage space. The site is perfectly accessible, with motorways in the immediate vicinity and feeder roads suitable for heavy-goods traffic.


Infrax’s current decentralised warehouses will be given a new role or will be made available for rent to interested parties. For the current 40 Infrax warehouse employees, things will certainly change from now on. Some will continue working in the warehouse, while others can take up a new challenge elsewhere in the company. H.Essers will be employing 50 people in total for these activities.

This collaboration is the first redevelopment project realised on the former Ford site.

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