Hospital Logistics welcomes new CEO Jeroen D’Espallier

Hospital Logistics welcomes new CEO Jeroen D’Espallier

“The healthcare sector is evolving at lightning speed, and as a service provider we have to respond”

Hospital Logistics, a joint venture between UZ Leuven and H.Essers, recently welcomed a new CEO to the helm. Jeroen D’Espallier has been leading the company, which has been specialising in logistics processes in the healthcare sector for almost 25 years, since July 2019.

Jeroen D’Espallier (38) obtained a master’s degree in economics, followed by an executive MBA at Vlerick Business School. He worked for bpost in multiple operational positions from 2005 to 2016, where he was responsible among other things for the development and implementation of bpost’s new distribution model. After that he was COO of Europe Hospitals, a hospital group in Brussels. “I first got to know Hospital Logistics when I outsourced a medical warehouse to them in my previous position,” says Jeroen D’Espallier. “I am passionate about service and the healthcare sector, so this is a unique opportunity to combine both.”

Responding to the evolving market

This new position found him in a dynamic and growing company. “The healthcare sector is constantly on the move,” says Jeroen. “Our core business is and always will be hospital care; we will be extending and expanding on this further. After all, we can play a crucial role in the complex flows of goods within healthcare institutions through logistics professionalisation, cost optimisation, tracing medication via automated processes, etc.”

“In addition, we see that our society is shifting a bit from mainly institutional care to residential and home care: dialyses are performed at home more often, mothers who have just given birth don’t stay in hospital for a very long time anymore, and administering cancer treatments at home is becoming more commonplace.”

Room to expand

This changing market is therefore part of the vision for the future of Hospital Logistics. Jeroen: “We still know of many challenges and opportunities in the world of healthcare logistics. For example, we certainly see opportunities to supply the smaller care institutions with goods on a large scale. Think for example of departments of care homes or local departments of home care organisations.” With the company, Jeroen also wants to increase focus on the existing larger hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium. “There are still a lot of healthcare institutions that we can serve. They’re all potential customers in need of a partner that facilitates logistics solutions in a modern way. And we can fill that gap perfectly.”

Hospital Logistics

Hospital Logistics was established almost 25 years ago during the move of the UZ Leuven warehouse. During that logistical operation, the question arose whether or not other hospitals might need a reliable external partner who could meet their logistics needs. Since then, Hospital Logistics, later in joint venture with H.Essers, has been the logistics partner for the transport and storage of medical supplies such as syringes and needles, catheters, surgery packs, wound care and nursing equipment, as well as IV fluids. Hospital Logistics not only provides this service on the road, the company can also manage internal distribution within healthcare institutions. After being founded in Belgium, Hospital Logistics was expanded to the Netherlands as well.