High-quality collaboration with Getronics

High-quality collaboration with Getronics

On 15 May, we announced our long-term strategic partnership with Getronics.

Getronics is an international provider of ICT services that aims to develop its growth strategy further through this collaboration.
This collaboration fits perfectly within our growth strategy. The partnership enables us to focus on our core business, namely ICT Workspace Services,’ explains Dimitri Van Kets, Director of Managed Services at Getronics. ‘For support activities that are not part of our core business, we work with a leading market player such as H.Essers.’

Collaboration leads to opportunities

The collaboration between Getronics and H.Essers offers advantages in terms of systems, locations, suppliers, services and people.
In the further development of our outlined innovation strategy in technical care and the distribution of high-quality products, this long-term partnership with Getronics is a huge step forward. Besides our existing contracts with established names, we will also be carrying out a wide range of services for Getronics. Firstly, we will be grouping the various stock types in a single centralised, integrated system,’ explains Pascal Vranken, COO at H.Essers. In addition, this intensive collaboration between both companies ensures that separate processes and operations can be further centralised. The range of logistical activities is also varied and very specific.
Moreover, H.Essers will also assume responsibility for services such as software staging and wiping, refurbishments, techno courier, IMACD and technical repair.

This new collaboration also provides opportunities for the employees kept on from Getronics,’ continues Pascal Vranken. ‘They will now have the opportunity to develop themselves and their careers in logistics within a company that is an innovative and international logistics trendsetter.’

On-site to in-house

In the first phase, H.Essers will manage Getronics’ logistics activities on site from Zellik. The services will then be centralised at H.Essers’ High Tech site in Vilvoorde from the beginning of 2015.

The integration of Getronics will enable us to continue to develop the segment for ‘High Value and Technical Care’ services. And in addition to this, the infrastructure of our site in Vilvoorde will be further enhanced to ensure excellent service provision and security.

For more information, please contact Andy Peremans via andy.peremans@essers.com.