H.Essers main sponsor of popular FIA Truck Grand Prix

H.Essers main sponsor of popular FIA Truck Grand Prix

On 14 and 15 September 2019, a new edition of the FIA Truck Grand Prix took place at the racetrack in Zolder. This year, and for the first time, H.Essers was the title sponsor of this well-attended event, so we were able to proudly call it the H.Essers Truck Grand Prix! Races were held the entire Saturday and Sunday, and both the truck and the truck driver profession were put in the spotlight.

All employees of H.Essers were treated to a free ticket to the Truck Grand Prix, which resulted in no fewer than 750 employees attending. And in addition to the regular visitors, we also welcomed a number of our customers. Upon arrival at the site, visitors were greeted by a row of shiny red H.Essers trucks. “But we didn’t just want to highlight the beautiful trucks during these days, but especially our work as a logistics service provider and our skilled drivers,” says “Which is why we really focused on the human element of this event. With extra attention paid to visitors, families, customers, and especially prospective truck drivers.” Truck manufacturer MAN was also involved in the sponsorship. The impressive trucks and trailers made for a beautiful spectacle on the racetrack.

Truck driver profession in the spotlight

For the entire wekend, our HR department welcomed visitors who were interested in working as a truck driver. Recruitment Officer Lesley Alberts welcomed these future applicants with an interest in the profession and gave them more information about the job opportunities at our company. “We believe that truck drivers are not just the drivers, but also the driving force behind H.Essers,” she explains. “And we certainly want to convey that message to these new drivers and to the employees who have been on the road for us for many years.” Moreover, those who registered for the lottery were in for a chance to ride along in the famous H.Essers Dakar truck, with Noël Essers himself behind the wheel, during a special lap on an empty racetrack at the end of the event. Needless to say, that initiative was a great success!

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