Destination Dubai

Destination Dubai

When you think of going to Dubai, we all think about getting there with a plane. But not us, no… we are driving to Dubai. With a red truck…

On December 16 we had a truck leaving Germany with final destination Dubai. The entire trip was done with an H.Essers truck and trailer. The total leadtime of this trip was around 20 days and we covered 6500 kms.

Let’s take you on a trip through the different stages of our trip:

Trucking from Europe to Turkey

Our loaded truck left December 16 in Germany heading for the port of Iskenderun in Turkey, passing Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria. In Turkey we connected the trailer onto a truck from H.Essers Turkey. This way, we had a Turkish driver familiar with the Middle Eastern roads to get further along the way.

Ferry from Turkey to Egypt

We drove the truck onto the ferry and travelled from the port of Iskenderun to the Port Fuad in Egypt.

Trucking in Egypt

From Port Fuad the truck/trailer went in a security convoy to Suez.

Ferry from Egypt to Saudi Arabia

Arrived in Suez, the truck and trailer went onto another ferry going from Suez (Egypt) to Duba in Saudi Arabia.

Trucking from Saudi Arabia to United Arab Emirates

The last stage of the trip was again made by truck. We left the port of Duba and headed for Dubai by road transport.

At all stages of the transport, the truck/trailer combination was tracked, regarding temperature and security, by our own control tower in Romania, giving temporary feedback to the client.