Expansion of Track & Trace system for extra transparency in pharmaceutical transport

Expansion of Track & Trace system for extra transparency in pharmaceutical transport

In recent years, H.Essers has focused on optimising and refining the Track & Trace system for the supply chain of temperature-sensitive goods, with a focus on pharmaceuticals and life sciences. In the context of this optimisation, an Integrated Cold Chain platform was implemented in a revamped Track & Trace module, based on in-transit visibility and live monitoring. The new Track & Trace 2.0 service strives for thorough transparency throughout the entire transport and cross dock flow, with a view to safeguarding the quality, security and safety, and is a valuable extension of the comprehensive services we offer our customers.

At H.Essers we have been working with Track & Trace and fleet management systems for quite some time, which allow us to monitor the exact location, temperature and condition of the cooling unit. Thanks to the updated tracking system, we are now able to keep track of transports for our customers, when carried out by partners, like we monitor our own assets. And that is an enormous benefit for all parties involved.

“Our cold-chain transports are carried out throughout Europe and large parts of Asia, using our own assets as well as those of partners. As a result, both our dispatchers and our customers need complete transparency,” explains Erwin Kelchtermans, IT Business Analyst at H.Essers. “We want to be informed at all times about the temperature in the trailer and the expected arrival time of the goods. After all, with this valuable information we can respond to possible deviations that can have an impact on the quality or timely deliveries of vital goods. This is exactly why this solution was developed.” His colleague, Ruben Neven, agrees. “The Integrated Cold Chain solution, in which not only the temperatures of our own assets, but also those of our cross docks and our partners are integrated into a single platform, makes complete transparency possible. We would like to offer our customers this kind of transparency in the further optimisation of our customer service.”

Black box

The Integrated Cold Chain platform creates a digital link between the back office platforms of H.Essers and the trailer telematics of the partner that is currently carrying out the transport on behalf of H.Essers. Ruben: “The power of the application lies in its scalability and broad employability. The platform connects a multitude of partners with each other, regardless of the telematics system they use. The data is passed on to the H.Essers Transport Management System in a standardised way.” He says its functions compare to those of a black box in an airplane. “The telematics on the temperature-controlled trailers contain all available information to monitor the vehicle, and the technology used allows us to integrate all types of telematics.” Naturally H.Essers always takes GDPR regulations into account, and the routes and shared data are protected and limited by geofences and waypoints.

Insight through digitisation

Customers of H.Essers get access to the Track & Trace portal, where they can track the goods and download the trailer’s digital report and the cross dock temperatures of their loads. “This allows us to offer our customers a major benefit,” Erwin confirms. “After all, we communicate the information we have in real time.” This implementation also creates possibilities for the future. “After the successful implementation in our pharmaceutical transports, we can start using the software in more ways and apply it to other segments as well.”

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