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H.Essers expands collaboration with Nike, in warehouse of Group Machiels.

Today H.Essers is an important partner of sportsbrand Nike for international security transports. Both parties believe in a collaborative and sustainable growth and extend their partnership with off-site storage. Therefor H.Essers will develop a new site in Beringen (B), in a partnership with Group Machiels, who will in turn move to a newly acquired premise at the Ford-site in Genk (B).

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Connecting to the world

You’ve probably heard the slogan: ‘Limburger en wereldburger’ [a Limburger is a world citizen]. Well, this applies equally to H.Essers. If you missed us these past weeks in Budapest, Eindhoven or Mumbai, you might still meet us in Dubai.

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PLAN-Europe welcomes 3 new partners at once

PLAN-Europe, Pharma Logistics Alliance Network, is the first asset based network in Europe of private owned transport companies specialized in Pharma Logistics. It is proud to announce three new professional pharma partners in the network; Tresserras (ES), Gandon (FR) and Ralu (Balkan).

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Proximus honours its suppliers

During its annual “Supplier day” on 16 October 2014 Proximus honoured its suppliers' best success stories in the categories of Innovation, Sustainability and Quality of Supply. Proximus wants to demonstrate its recognition for their outstanding work. H.Essers was nominated both for the category 'Sustainability' as for the category 'Quality of Supply'.

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PLAN-Europe expands

About a year ago, logistic service providers, H.Essers (Belgium), Bech-Hansen & Studsgaard (Denmark) and Nolan Transport (Ireland) founded PLAN to fulfill the need of an initiative that sets new quality standards in pharma logistics. Today they are proud to welcome a new partner.

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Limburg as logistics hub

In addition to our strong international orientation, we are continuing to strengthen our presence in Limburg.
This regional anchoring is also a deliberate choice. It means that various local and regional companies will also be able to benefit from our growth.

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Business Unit East goes further East

Business Unit East goes further East

From April 2014 on, our Business Unit East will expand its intermodal program from 4 to 5 trains per week between Belgium and Romania. This means 250 intermodal loads weekly, where we both work with 45 ft containers as well as trailers on the train. This will significantly reduce our carbon foot print and has a positive impact on the environment.

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Destination Dubai

Destination Dubai

When you think of going to Dubai, we all think about getting there with a plane. But not us, no… we are driving to Dubai. With a red truck… On December 16  we had a truck leaving Germany with final destination Dubai. The entire trip was done with an H.Essers truck and trailer. The total leadtime of this trip was around 20 days and we covered 6500 kms.

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special Easter egg

A very special Easter egg

There is something going on within the Integrated Chocolate Platform (ICP).
After a first collaboration between ISIS (formerly known as Italo Suisse) and Caluwé Demandé in terms of transport pooling to a number of UK retailers, there is now a second collaboration.

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