Safety & Quality

Safety & Quality

Safety & Quality

Our objective is to obtain the highest standards in safety and quality. We invest heavily in our systems, employees, training, infrastructure and equipment necessary to run our business safely and professionally.

Bulk volumes, and dangerous goods specifically, are substances that are potentially hazardous to people and property. Whatever their properties and their potential for injury and destruction, great care is needed in their handling, storage and transport.

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Sustainable transport

Tank containers and intermodal transport offer obvious sustainability benefits.
Safety, quality and efficiency are keywords in the way we run our business.

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Certificates and Quality labels

ISO 9001:2015

Huktra NV obtained the new ISO 9001:2015 quality certification already in Jan 2016, as one of the first in Belgium. Huktra NV obtained its first ISO 9000 quality label already in 1992.

For Huktra, the ISO certificate is not just a sheet of paper, but an active way of managing, organising and thinking for every member of the Huktra staff.

One of the main objectives of Huktra’s company culture is to obtain absolute safety for the environment and all people involved: customers, the public and employees.


Safety and Quality Assessment Systems for intermodal transport (SQAS)

The SQAS enables chemical companies to have the quality and safety management systems of their suppliers of logistic services assessed in a uniform manner thus avoiding multiple assessments by each individual chemical company. Assessment results, established by an independent body, can be evaluated by the individual chemical company and can be used, along with other criteria, in the process of selecting suppliers and in defining areas for improvement with each of them.

Huktra NV was one of the first companies (since 1995) to implement the Safety and Quality Assessment Systems into its organisation.


Feed Chain Alliance (FCA – former GMP)

FCA is a quality control system for animal feeds, compound feeds and feed ingredients/products. This quality system covers all links of the feed chain: producers of raw materials and feed ingredients/products, storage, transfer and transport, producers of compound feeds and pre-mixtures.

The quality control system is based on the ISO 9000 standards, combined with specific standards. It covers the different quality aspects: product safety, product quality, the environment and health. The FCA code is managed by Ovocom.

Huktra NV was the first European intermodal tank container operator to be granted the FCA certificate back in June 2002.




Safety Adviser

To ensure and enhance the safety for transport of dangerous goods, the European Council issued Directive 96/35/EC, obligating transport companies to install a safety adviser.

Huktra NV, in compliance with its own high safety measurements, employs a qualified Safety Adviser to comply with the most recent European directive.



Huktra NV has obtained the UKASTA quality label since the exchangeability of the GMP label and the UKASTA label. Both labels offer the same quality concerning food safety.


Animal Health & Veterinary Laboratories Agency

Huktra is registered by the Animal Health & Veterinary Laboratories Agency for the carriage of Animal By-Products and derived products.



Responsible Care

Huktra NV follows the Responsible Care program. This program is the world-wide chemical industry’s voluntary commitment to continued improvement of all aspects for Health, Safety and Environment performance and to openness in communication about its activities and achievements.


Hazardous Cargo safety marks

Dangerous goods are substances and articles that are potentially hazardous to people and property.

Transport of these goods are strictly regulated by the ADR regulation (European agreement on international carriage of hazardous goods by road) and the IMDG Code (for transports by ship).



For the transport of kosher goods, Huktra NV only uses edible tankcontainers that have been thoroughly cleaned and sterilised. Additionally, Huktra NV makes sure that continuous collections of kosher goods are loaded into a special part of the fleet, again assuring the kosher nature of those tankcontainers


Valve Labelling

Together with preferred partners and customers, Huktra strives towards absolute safety during transport.
As a well-experienced tank container operator, we strongly recommend our customers to consider the merits of always sealing the discharge valves and loading hatches of tank containers with a tag detailing the chemical name and ADR classification of the loaded product.





Quality and safety instruments by Huktra

Advanced internal warning system

Our planning system has an advanced control mechanism. The system is checked continuously and warns the operator by email if necessary.

Tracking & Tracing

This is a website application that allows our customers to have a real-time view of their current transports. Together with historical overviews and planned actions for future transports, this website gives an overall view for the customer.

Live Delay Reporting

The Live Delay Reporting system is a service tool, which brings the customer the information he needs.

The customer receives information about delays from Huktra much faster, more accurate and better organised, meaning there will be even less cases where the customer will have to hear from his irritated receiver that the scheduled delivery has not yet arrived.

Together with our Tracking and Tracing system, Live Delay Reporting enables Huktra to provide our customers an even better service.