Railport services

Railport services

More flexibility thanks to our train terminal

The public rail terminal near our headquarters in Genk opens up new opportunities for our customers. Their goods can now be transported by rail, from and to various locations, directly departing from this European logistics hub. The terminal is a major addition to the very extensive international logistics services already provided by H.Essers. For customers in the three strategic markets (chemicals, pharmaceuticals and high-value goods), this one-stop-shop service offers great added value. Our public rail terminal enables secured rail transport that meets the highest safety standards observed by these three market segments.

The rail terminal consists of four 600-metre tracks which are directly connected to the fast routes to major economic centres in Europe, including Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. These connections are the perfect link for further network expansion, including intercontinental logistics flows via the ports from and to the European hinterland.

One-stop shop to meet all your needs

In order to provide our customers with maximum peace of mind, we also offer additional services at this location. For example, our advanced warehouses are specifically equipped to safely store goods of all segments. In addition, we can weigh containers and trailers onsite and check axle loads. Because safety is a high priority at H.Essers, the terminal is secured in accordance with Tapa standards, while it is also AEO-certified, allowing for customs activities to be handled at the terminal.

Sustainable, synchromodal transport

We continue to expand our synchromodal systems by means of continuous  innovations which will help us to further improve logistical flows. The H.Essers synchromodal network – which includes transport by road, rail and water – is fine-tuned down to the smallest detail to meet the increasing needs of our customers. Reduction of emissions, for example, but also the smart calculation of routes and the provision of advanced, real-time information. The addition of rail transport in our synchromodal solutions leads to a significant reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and also contributes to solving the increasing congestion problems on European roads.

Would you like to know more about our synchromodal networks? We have created an interactive information platform especially for this purpose! Click here to discover it.

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