Italy-based event focuses on challenges in pharmaceutical logistics

Italy-based event focuses on challenges in pharmaceutical logistics

On 3 October, H.Essers held an event at its site in Monselice, Italy. With the theme ‘Challenges in Pharma Logistics Italy’, it was entirely devoted to the ins and outs of pharmaceutical logistics in Italy. The event attracted a lot of interest from customers and prospects of pharmaceutical companies.

The programme featured interesting lectures by various experts. Alessandro Persona, a professor at the University of Padova, approached the challenges of pharmaceutical logistics in Italy from a scientific-analytical perspective, and Laura Caner, Director European Warehousing COE, Baxter, spoke about the added value that the partnership with H.Essers brings to Baxter’s supply chain. Al closure of the 1st part of the program, Jan Lampaert, Strategic Manager Healthcare at Hospital Logistics, presented Ethilog, the ideal solution for safe and efficient medicine management for the pharmaceutical sector.

After an extensive networking lunch, we explored the Italian EuFMD application to prevent the sale of fake pharmaceutical products through serialisation. Finally, Lieven Severijns, Business Unit Manager International Expansion at H.Essers, discussed how our company can contribute to a future-oriented supply chain. The event was concluded with a tour of the H.Essers site, and, last but not least, an Italian aperitivo.

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