H.Essers opts to strengthen its establishment in Limburg with the construction of its new headquarters

H.Essers opts to strengthen its establishment in Limburg with the construction of its new headquarters

Logistics service provider H.Essers is growing strongly. In that context, Limburg’s number one employer is investing in the construction of its brand-new headquarters in Genk. “The choice for establishing our new headquarters in Genk was a conscious one. After all, we want to anchor our company in Limburg in the future as well,” says CEO Gert Bervoets. When it is finished, the new building, which will become a true landmark on Transportlaan, will offer working space to 185 employees.

H.ESSERS is growing by more than 10% per year. This growth occurs internationally, with recent expansions in Italy, Denmark and Romania, but also nationally with the acquisition of container specialist Huktra in Zeebrugge earlier this year, the opening of our own site in the Kluizendok in the port of Ghent, and the construction of Dry Port Genk. “This growth also leads to an increasing number of employees, including at our head office in Genk,” says CEO Gert Bervoets. “Consequently, the need for more infrastructure for our employees arises,” explains CEO Gert Bervoets. “As we consciously opted to keep our decision-making centre in Genk, we are investing in a brand-new head office building at our existing site in Genk Noord. After all – provided that it is cleverly organised – there is enough space to realise this building, and thus, to support our growth and guarantee additional employment.”

Parking tower with green façade

The construction of the new office building will take place in phases. Early November 2018, for example, the construction of a new sustainable parking tower will start on the lot of the current personnel car park. From May 2019 onwards, this tower will be able to accommodate 502 cars, and will be equipped with a green roof, a green façade, and natural ventilation. “We will also provide bicycle parking facilities on the ground floor. After all, increasingly more employees come to work by bicycle, and we would like to encourage that. Moreover, we will be including a number of additional services for our employees, such as parcel delivery, ironing service etc. During the construction works we will be using a temporary pedestrian bridge across Transportlaan to the provisional parking spaces, so that we can make sure that our employees can safely reach their workplace or car.”

Main building

We anticipate that the construction activities of the main building itself will start in June 2019, after we have obtained the necessary permits. These works will take about maximum two years. By building more in height, H.Essers wants to utilize every square meter in the best possible way. The building will become a true landmark of 30 meters high. “In terms of architecture, the design matches the Winterslag mine buildings (C-Mine). Limburg, and more specifically Genk, is our home, and it is nice to see this reflected in the design, realised by ‘Iglesias Leenders Bylois Architects’.” The new building has a total floor space of 4,200 square metres. Taking our expected growth for the next five years into account, 185 people will be occupying it to work. We are already looking forward to the realisation of this special project.”