H.Essers makes further investments in its strategic chemical segment with the opening of the Kluizendok site in Ghent

H.Essers makes further investments in its strategic chemical segment with the opening of the Kluizendok site in Ghent

“The site’s location at an economically crucial artery is a major asset for synchromodality development”

Today, Ghent Kluizendok was the scene of the official opening of the brand-new site of logistics service provider H.Essers. This took place in the presence of strategic partner North Sea Port and various chemical companies with production activities in the industrial heart of East Flanders who have an interest in H.Essers’ total solutions. Approximately 25,000 square meters of warehousing are currently being built for two of these companies. The eventual warehouse capacity will be at least 75,000 square meters in the future.

After previous investments in Wilrijk and Genk, where H.Essers started with the construction of the Dry Port Genk megasite earlier this year, and the acquisition of tank container specialist Huktra, H.Essers continues to strategically focus on its chemical segment with the opening of the Ghent Kluizendok site. “We were already active in Ghent, providing logistic services at the sites of our customers,” Gert Bervoets, CEO of H.Essers explains. “Considering the increase in our activities in the chemical segment, and our customers’ growing demand for total solutions in this segment, our own site was bound to follow. A suitable location was found at the Port of Ghent. Our new strategic site at the Kluizendok meets all our requirements as a further growth point in our chemicals segment. It is not only suitable for setting up and expanding our warehousing facilities and solutions with added value, it also offers sufficient possibilities for further expansion in the future. Moreover, with this new site, we now also have our own location in East Flanders in addition to those in Antwerp and Limburg. This geographical spread and proximity are extremely interesting for our customers.”

Synchromodal strategy

Another major synchromodal asset is the location of the site at an economically crucial artery. “We never stop optimising our transport flows as much as we can to provide an appropriate and sustainable response to challenges such as the congestion of our roads, rising fuel prices, and the impact on the environment. We do this by focussing on synchromodality and developing customised solutions in which we combine various transport modes such as maritime and inland shipping, and road and railway transport in a smart and dynamic way; always on the basis of the desired duration, the least impact on the environment, and at the most optimal cost price. Thanks to its trimodal accessibility via road, rail and water, the Kluizendok entirely accords with this strategy. So at the same time, we are building a sustainable future with this site. Therefore, we are very grateful to North Sea Port, which is experiencing strong growth itself, for its support in this extremely important new chapter.”

Substantial investments

In a first phase, a total of 25,000 square meters of warehouse facilities will be developed specifically for two of our chemistry clients. In the long term, the site will offer at least 75,000 square meters of storage space. “This year alone, we have invested no less than 40 million euros in new assets for our chemicals segment. In the coming years, we will continue to pursue this line of strategic development in complex supply chains. We operate internationally, but given the strong chemical cluster presence of companies in this segment in Belgium, our national operations are considerable too.”

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