“We have gone through tremendous growth together.”

“We have gone through tremendous growth together.”

H.Essers has been a loyal logistics partner to the American chemical company DuPont for 30 years. A close collaboration with which we are shifting the boundaries more than ever. Because, since recently, our services for the company are no longer limited to providing various storage activities in Belgium and transport throughout Europe; we now also transport goods to China and beyond, three times per week. H.Essers Director Strategic Development Hanno Reeser and Pablo Nosti, Logistics Manager EMEA at Dupont, see a bright future in the further development of this rail transport.

Pablo Nosti remembers clearly when DuPont called on H.Essers for the first time. “The first assignment included a small warehouse contract in the early 1980s,” says Pablo Nosti. “Since then, we have taken an incredibly beautiful path. I really feel that we have grown and evolved together. Just like us, they are always looking for better, newer or more efficient solutions. The railway route to China that H.Essers set up for us in early 2017 is a new highlight in our cooperation. With that H.Essers has fulfilled their pioneering role once again.”

The road is paved

“In the past, DuPont could only transport its products, semi-finished products, but also raw materials for the food industry, by ship or plane to China. With considerable costs and long transit times as a result,” explains Business Unit Manager Hanno Reeser. “The train connection to China that we have set up is a perfect alternative. In fact, a train leaves for China three times a week from Duisburg or Tilburg, with goods loaded in Belgium, Germany, Finland, Denmark, or Luxembourg. From here they are transported to Guangdong, Chongqing or Chengdu. And with that, we have actually covered only a part of our route. After all, once we have taken care of the customs clearance for these goods, our drivers still have to take them to the end customers in, for example, South Korea, Taiwan, Cambodia, Japan and Vietnam. Meanwhile, there are other customers making use of our rail transport to China as well. We can therefore conclude that the collaboration with DuPont has also paved the way to fulfilling the needs of other customers.” Currently, we transport milk powder, pharmaceutical goods, wine, non-hazardous chemicals, and electronics, among other things.”

In 2017 H.Essers transported about 900 containers for DuPont. “A very good start,” says Pablo Nosti. “But that number will certainly be exceeded in 2018. Because in the meantime this route has become one of our standard options to reach our customers in Asia. That may seem simple, but believe me, it is not. Setting up a train connection like this requires meticulous preparation, years of know-how, and extensive customer knowledge. H.Essers has proven once again why it has been one of our most important strategic logistics partners in the EMEA region for many years. They really contribute to the success of our company.”

More info about our synchromodal solutions? Contact Hanno Reeser, hanno.reeser@essers.com.

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