Vlaamse Waterweg nv enables the creation of H.Essers Dry Port Genk.

420 new jobs by investing in Ford Genk site

The Vlaamse Waterweg nv chooses H.Essers to develop its business in the C-site of Ford Genk. The logistics service provider is very pleased with this decision allowing a further growth. 420 jobs are being created with the construction of the H.Essers Dry Port Genk for the new hub along the Albert Canal.

Today, the board of the Vlaamse Waterweg nv gave its official go for the concession of 21.8 hectares on the C-zone of the Ford-site along the Albert Canal in Genk. H.Essers will start the construction of new warehouses for its chemicals segment. “The current storage capacity in Winterslag has reached its limits,” Gert Bervoets, CEO H.Essers, explains. “The new development is very much needed to meet the growing demands of our customers. The site along the Albert Canal offers the ideal location because we can transport the goods by water. ”

Waterfront activities essential for concession

The Ford site was divided into three zones. The Vlaamse Waterweg nv was commissioned to develop the C-zone at the Albert Canal for waterfront activities. The development of water activity is an essential condition for the concession. Because of this, the planned activities of H.Essers were decisive in granting the concession.
It involves the logistical handling and storage of a wide range of products, such as car paint and cleaning materials. The goods are finished and packed on arrival at the H.Essers Dry Port Genk. Therefore, the safety risks are minimal and there is no additional impact on the environment. The Vlaamse Waterweg nv is busy preparing the grounds for the start of construction beginning of 2018. H.Essers wants the site to be operational by the end of 2018.

420 additional jobs

In H.Essers Dry Port Genk there will be room for 420 employees, all new vacancies. The current site in Winterslag remains in place. With this, H.Essers keeps on growing as the biggest job creator in Limburg. If the expansion on the Transportlaan continues in Genk, there are also another 400 additional jobs. Between 2011 and 2015 H.Essers already created 344 jobs in the region.

A modal shift of 1.800 trucks per month

The H.Essers Dry Port Genk brings new opportunities for transportation via the Albert Canal and the railway. Gert Bervoets expects a modal shift of 1.800 trucks/month taken of the road for inbound and outbound shipments. “We are constantly looking for alternative transportation options to avoid the heavily congested roads. At the moment, we even ship a weekly train to China. We offer our customers a service that is unique in Belgium: a temperature controlled intermodal solution combined with process monitoring from Genk. ”

Extension to Transportlaan remains necessary

This expansion at the Ford-site is separate from the expansion plans in the Transportlaan in Genk.

“Like the chemical division, also pharma logistics has specific requirements”, Gert Bervoets explains. “Pharma and chemicals are two different worlds. For the chemical cluster, we can operate in different hubs and is water transport feasible. For pharmaceutical products however, we need to remain within the same chain, for which we need one single, large site. On top, water is no feasible transport mode. Therefore, Ford Genk was no option for our pharma activities. Here, the need for expansion of our site at the Transportlaan remains urgent.”


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