Towards a broader scale and scope in pharma warehousing

Towards a broader scale and scope in pharma warehousing

After expanding our pharma capacity in Genk’s Pharma Valley  further with a 10,000 m² ambient (15°-25°C) warehouse early this year, we established a solution that was a success, enabling us to start up four new customers engaged in both the Human and Animal Healthcare sectors.

We are also currently completing an expansion of our cold-storage capacity (2°-8 °C) with 1,000 m² extra storage capacity, equivalent to an additional 1,000 pallets.

We noticed that the market sees the benefits of an integrated solution whereby we can even import for some customers through for instance India by forwarding traction to the warehouse,  sampling for EU release, pick & pack and handling of hazardous merchandise, arranging special packaging, and then providing distribution across Europe.

We are also focusing strongly on broadening our solutions, and are currently treating more complex flows involving APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for several customers. Finally, we are awaiting our final licence to store narcotics and psychoactive drugs.

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