Setting the standards in Pharma

Setting the standards in Pharma

As already reported, we have expanded the PLAN – Pharma Logistics Alliance Network – with three new partners.

PLAN-Europe is a network of family logistics service-providers that concentrate on pharma transport. The basis for this trust is shared high quality, plus compliance with all relevant regulations. New European guidelines for the distribution of pharmaceutical products, GDP (Good Distribution Practice) stipulate far-reaching checking of processes, procedures, equipment, staff, systems, etc.  With PLAN-Europe, we’re convinced that we as an asset-based logistics company with our own fleet, cross docks, drivers, planners, warehouse managers and systems, have a clear advantage compared with non-asset-based competition, mostly large 4PL organisations.

PLAN-Europe provides transport solutions for single-pallet shipments up to full truckloads, across Europe, CIS countries, including North Africa.

7 partners in the network

With three founder-members, H.Essers, Nolan Transport (IE and UK) and Bech-Hansen & Studsgaard (DK) PLAN-Europe was set up in November 2012. In June 2014, Professional Thermo Logistics (PL) was welcomed as a new partner. Tresserras Transports (ES), Gandon Transports (FR) and Ralu Logistika (HR) joined the network in November 2014.

Taking all partners together, we now have a fleet of over 900 trailers, all approved for pharma transport.

The new network has not escaped our customers’ notice. Nearly all large pharma companies respond favourably to our initiative to combine several logistics providers who wish to invest in their specific quality requirements, and their need for solutions for LTL shipments.

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