Following up on its supply-chain optimisation for sterile and non-sterile goods, H.Essers has also taken a close look at the logistical processes for pharmaceuticals.
Utilising our logistical expertise, we closely studied two processes with a view to increasing process optimisation:

The Unidose production solution

  • A complete solution whereby all medicine is provided with a unique QR code, which can contain far more information than the traditional barcode
  • External partners, who work for various healthcare organisations, for slicing medicine blisters
  • Working with SLAs according to GMP regulations. Backup scenarios provided
  • No deblistering: hygienic, no cross-contamination
  • Cardboard carrier with deblistering mechanism for tablets: it contains all the necessary information, is ecological, no bulky packaging.
  • Repackaging of ampoules and liquids using the same concept with QR code

The Unidose distribution solution

Our Unidose distribution solution enables us to provide you with all the answers for distributing unit-dose medication within your own healthcare organisation. Our starting point is from an industry-standard perspective, in which the composition of the pharmaceutical distribution is realised as late as possible in the process in order to reduce reverse logistics.

We ensure complete electronic monitoring of the process. This enables the pharmacy to gain full control of stock levels in the various departments and access to medicine, without having to expend too much time or energy replenishing distribution cabinets.

Like to see how this concept works? Click here for our movie on Unidose.

Our Unidose solution is provided in collaboration with our partners Ethilog and Pentapack.

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