Logistics Platform – Traceability of implants within hospitals

Logistics Platform – Traceability of implants within hospitals

As a leading Belgian logistics service provider, H.Essers has designed a state-of-the-art logistics platform for manufacturers and suppliers of medical devices.

This logistics platform provides a solution for manufacturers and suppliers to ensure complete traceability and administrative simplification for their expensive medical devices and medicinal products.

For hospitals it provides complete digital monitoring, registration and invoicing of their supply of implants and expensive medical devices. The platform is modelled on proven industry-standard logistical concepts.

Thanks to the integration and digitisation of identification procedures through the use of RFID tags, the H.Essers Logistics Platform complies with stringent service levels. This technology is perfectly suited to the supply chain management of expensive medical devices and medicinal products, such as implants.

The H.Essers Logistics Platform includes a centralised distribution centre where stocks are labelled with RFID tags and where they can be temporarily stored.

Through electronic registration based on usage, orders made by hospitals can be prepared and packaged in individual containers and delivered directly to the operating theatre, while also being monitored by the hospital pharmacist and the government (vigilance). Deliveries are automatically registered upon arrival and monitored. Thanks to the use of smart-shelf technologies, whereby entries and withdrawals of inventory are observed in real time, there is no need for additional administrative work by authorised staff.

The Logistics Platform therefore makes it possible to meet the stringent requirements of healthcare actors in all respects:

  • It ensures complete and flawless traceability of expensive medical devices (such as implants) that have been labelled with RFID tags
  • It enables suppliers to store implants on consignment on the hospital’s operating wing without the risk of loss and/or anomalies in stock levels, and above all without additional effort
  • It reduces administrative work for both suppliers and hospital staff
  • It allows the integration of local inventory of medical devices with articles of low to medium value, at a minimum cost
  • It enables the integrated implementation of Reverse Logistics
  • It reduces stock levels as a result of the consolidation of stocks and process optimisation

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