Consultancy work in healthcare

Consultancy work in healthcare

In our role as a logistics expert in optimising the supply chain of healthcare organisations and suppliers, we also offer consultancy with a view to the efficient implementation of change processes in the healthcare sector. We can manage this whole process of change from the very first exploration of the idea up to and including securing the change itself.

  • We carry out an analysis of the preconditions for a successful change process
  • We analyse data from the perspective maintained in industry
  • We detect specific aspects requiring change and make concrete proposals to improve or modernise the supply chain in your organisation or company
  • We assist in the development and implementation of the solutions, ranging from warehouse design and organisation to systems and internal distribution

Our consultancy assignments are matched perfectly with the themes in which we have expertise.

In our consulting commissions, we translate the successes achieved in industry to improvements in the healthcare organisations themselves or to healthcare suppliers.

The solutions we provide are tailored to the unique context and requirements of each organisation.

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