Improved healthcare logistics processes lead to lower costs and higher levels of quality


A modular integrated supply chain for healthcare organisations: a winning combination

Our priority is to create a win-win situation for healthcare organisations, suppliers and the end customer (the patient). With all our expertise in logistics, transport and systems, delivered by specialists in the field of healthcare logistics, we are able to optimise your supply chain.

H.Essers regards its clients as partners and strives for a lasting, committed relationship. From the start, we will guide you towards an industry-standard approach to your supply chain by analysing your data and optimising processes.

We will continue to search for and with you for efficiency improvements and optimisation. After all, improved healthcare logistics processes lead to lower costs and higher levels of quality.

In order to achieve this, H.Essers is able to rely on a strong team of motivated employees, office staff and managers who consider customer commitment of key importance.

Modular solutions

We provide added value for every client, tailored to their needs and throughout the organisation.

  • For the organisation: improved invoicing, tracking and control by means of KPIs
  • For the patient: increased patient safety and assurance. Traceability for all goods
  • For the healthcare provider: certainty about the availability of products and alleviation of logistical tasks
  • For the pharmacy: : improved tracking of medical devices and products, and increased vigilance
  • For the health insurers: correct invoicing, increased safety and improved tracking
  • For the suppliers: : monitoring of consignment stocks, EDI and improved stock management

Key advantages of collaboration

  • Improved financial control and management
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved operations
  • Increased patient safety
  • Increased sustainability
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