In our modern society, utilities are of unprecedented importance. And precisely because these basic facilities, communication lines and infrastructure are indispensable in our society, we need to create the best possible conditions to work on them. H.Essers Infrastructure is happy to put its back into this. With special trucks and cranes, we supply the necessary elements to utility sites. Our fleet has vehicles of various dimensions and a wide range of capacities. This allows us to supply virtually all possible materials. In addition, our drivers can load and unload the elements themselves – and with different types of cranes – so that the customer is always assured of an efficient, safe site assembly.

For the supply of utilities, H.Essers Infrastructure uses various types of tractor cranes. If necessary, these can be combined with both low loaders and flatbed trailers. Other assets of H.Essers infrastructure’s specialised fleet are:

  • Multi-purpose cranes, which can be used to position units or containers, unload materials on rooftops and elevated surfaces, assemble rolling bridges, hoist glass, unload large vehicles, etc.
  • Cranes which can be deployed in challenging places such as restricted spaces, narrow streets, or places with little free hoisting height.
  • Additional tools that make both the transport and the loading/unloading of goods more efficient, safer and faster, such as our special winch for placing concrete slabs or for unloading loads on top of a building or into cellars.

Are you interested in the services that H.Essers Infrastructure can provide to utility companies? Our team is at your service. Please contact Eric Epding and we will be happy to listen to your specific needs.

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