Although the modular construction method is gaining in popularity, many architects still prefer the traditional way of building. After all, this method offers great design flexibility and durability. The construction time is longer than with method construction, though, because everything is erected on site. In order to guarantee tight deadlines, building materials such as bricks, slabs, clinkers, etc. must be delivered on time and flexibly to the site. H.Essers Infrastructure is happy to meet this need for flexibility. Thanks to a diverse fleet of vehicles and thorough loading and unloading training of our drivers, we guarantee an optimal flow of each construction process.

H.Essers Infrastructure is the ideal logistics partner for your modular construction project, thanks to:

  • Our roll loader cranes with travelling crane (boom length up to 9 metres) for the transportation of various building materials (clinkers, bricks, pipes, concrete panels, etc.)
  • Our glass trailers, with which we can safely transport all types of glass on stillages.
  • Our flatbed trailers, which are multi-purpose for all transports within legally allowed dimensions. They can be equipped with poles, tarpaulin, bulkheads and rings in the floor for extra fixation of the cargo during transport.

H.Essers Infrastructure would like to help customers in all areas to optimise the delivery to their sites and buildings. Do you have any questions or would you like more information about the H.Essers Infrastructure services? Please contact Eric Epding.

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