Rent & Event

Rent & Event

The entertainment sector needs reliable and versatile partners who can deliver and pick up stands, stages, lighting and sound installations and all kinds of other temporary elements according to strict timing. That is exactly what our infrastructure segment Rent & Event can do for entertainment organisations. Thanks to years of experience with the largest players in the Benelux, we enjoy a fantastic reputation in this field, which has already enabled us to support many major events with our services.

H.Essers Infrastructure guarantees flexibility, large transport and warehousing capacity, and on-time delivery. These are all qualities that are crucial for the events industry. We are able to supply the necessary elements 24/7, both just-in-time and just-in-sequence. And thanks to our large fleet, we can always deliver several trucks, including flatbed trucks and tractor cranes, at the same time. Customers can also come to us for the rental of all kinds of (large-scale) equipment, such as tower cranes, (office) units and excavators.

By hiring H.Essers to facilitate your event logistics, you are assured of a reliable, flexible supply and removal of all your required event equipment and infrastructure. We can deliver that quality by deploying:

  • Flatbed trucks for the transportation of large (construction) elements. These vehicles can be adapted to the object to be transported and thus ensure a more efficient transport. Thanks to the possibility of attaching poles, tarpaulins and extra fixation, flatbed trailers are multi-purpose and very safe for special transport.
  • Tractor cranes (up to 45tm), which due to their flexible operation can be used in restricted spaces or workplaces with little free hoisting height. These cranes can be used for positioning units or containers, unloading materials on the roof of a building, assembling rolling bridges, hoisting glass, etc.

Do you need a reliable partner who can take care of every part of your event-related supply chain? Eric Epding, would be happy to tell you more about it.

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