High Value Goods

the largest TAPA TSR 1 certified logistics provider in Europe

High Value Goods

Over the years, H.Essers has developed an extensive experience in several niche services related to the handling & transportation of High Value products. These niche services are related to two main domains; security and added value. We believe that our extensive experience in both niches create opportunities that differentiate us from our competitors.

Regarding transport, H.Essers is the largest TAPA TSR 1 certified logistics provider in Europe with more than 450 certified security units. The equipment is state-of-the-art and all traffic is constantly monitored both by an internal and an external control tower.
Next to the TAPA TSR 1 fleet, H.Essers offers also secured warehouse solutions. The security level basis for high value products is TAPA FSR A, nevertheless specific customizations are certainly possible.
On top of that, we can provide you with a wide range of Value Added Services in both warehousing and distribution, all internally managed and executed by technical skilled and specifically trained H.Essers personnel.

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