Do you specialise in chocolate, biscuits or other confectionery?

Perfect! The H.Essers Integrated Chocolate Platform specialises in chocolate logistics.
Our consolidated supply-chain range includes:

  • The logistics and transport of food in general
  • The logistics and transport of chocolate in particular
  • The co-packaging of chocolate, biscuits and confectionery

For this we make use of:

  • The advantages of scale
  • The effective use of equipment
  • The professionalism of our staff
  • The strength of our working methods and systems

What does this mean in concrete terms?

  • We create assortments
  • We package your products under film or wrapping paper utilising our highly sophisticated packaging machine
  • We can store your products short- or long-term
  • We can transport your products, globally if necessary, and take care of customs clearance

We help think about scale and staffing

Thanks to its various multihead weighers, H.Essers – specialist in filling processes – can produce vertical flow-pack products from 100 g to 2 kg. We create assortments and package your products with film or wrapping paper using our highly sophisticated packaging machine.
We currently have two fully equipped packaging centres, located in Kampenhout and Aarschot, fitted with:

  • A packaging line for assortments
  • A multihead weigher for filling
    • In jars that can be sleeved
    • In flow-packs that can be made into stand-up bags and pouches

We recently installed a brand new fully automated system for sleeving jars and bottles, etc.

This means we can offer you the possibility of personalising neutral jars with a four-colour sleeve. In a simple and inexpensive way, you can have a variety of sets with varying imprints (in different languages, for example). During busy periods, we can deploy 350 staff in the co-packing unit.

Product quality and product safety

HACCP and BRC standards, auto-control guiding system and the International Food Standard: we can guarantee the highest quality of food safety.

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