Semi low-loaders

For load structures that do not fit on flat-bed trailers because of their height, we use semi low-loaders. Due to their gooseneck, the loading platform of these trailers is not completely flat, but because of this they are perfectly suited to transporting higher loads.

In addition to the normal semi low-loaders, we also have extendible semi low-loaders

In this range, we can provide triple-axle single and double extendible semi low-loaders as well as a four-axle double extendible semi low-loader.

With this latter trailer, we can load freight up to 27 metres, and in combination with a triple-axle tractor, it has a load capacity of 61 tonnes.

Our semi tilt trailer is ideal for goods that have to be transported dry but due to their height do not fit in a normal tilt trailer.

This trailer is equipped with sliding covers and a sliding roof which facilitates loading.

Semi low-loaders with hydraulic ramps

This multifunctional semi low-loader with hydraulic ramps is deployed for all kinds of self-propelled machinery, such as tractors, cranes, caterpillar cranes and excavators, etc.

The hydraulic ramps have a length of 4 metres and the trailer is also extendible from its normal 9 metres to 15.8 metres. The loading platform is also expandable to 3 metres for loading such things as wide caterpillar cranes, etc. In combination with a triple-axle tractor, this trailer has a load capacity of 59.5 tonnes. .


Double-axle low-loader

The smallest member of our low-loaders is the double-axle double extendible low-loader with a loading platform height of 50 cm and a load capacity of up to 23 tonnes.

The trailer bed can carry freight up to 15 meters in length.

If the load is smaller than 1.7 metres, we can even lower the loading platform to 30 cm or even remove it completely, allowing the freight to rest in the trailer bed.

Double-axle vessel bridge, triple extendible and expandable

A vessel bridge is designed for transporting silos. This trailer is extendible so that it can be loaded in its bed with freight up to 26.35 metres in length and the floor can expand up to 3.8 metres. This construction means that silos with a large diameter can drop down to confine the loading height.

In addition to silos, numerous other goods can be transported with this trailer.

Triple-axle low-loader

Our triple-axle low-loader is a double extendible trailer. When extended, this low-loader has a trailer bed of 19.7 metres and a total length of over 25 metres with a maximum load capacity of 41.5 tonnes.

Four-axle low-loader

The four-axle low-loader can carry freight up to 24 metres in its trailer bed. We can extend this trailer with a single-axle Jeep Dolly, resulting in a load capacity of 62 tonnes.

2 bed 4 or narrow-bed low-loader

Because this trailer has double axles at the front and four axles at the rear, it is extremely manoeuvrable. This trailer may carry loads up to 72 tonnes in Belgium.

Part of the loading platform can be removed so that a 1.35-metre narrow-bed is formed. This means that heavy caterpillar cranes and suchlike can be loaded, so that the chassis rests on the narrow-bed and the tracks hang beside the trailer. This reduces the total height of the load.

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