Flat-bed lorries

Flat-bed lorries

We deploy flat-bed lorries for all possible transport which remain within the legal dimensions. These trailers can be fitted with poles, covers, partitions, rings in the floor, etc. for the additional fastening of freight.

If the freight is wider than 2.5 metres and cannot be split up, we can install width boards.

Flat-bed lorry with mounted forklift

If there are no loading or unloading facilities on site or at the client’s location, we will provide a mounted forklift. These are used for loading and unloading pallets and glass stillages, etc. The mounted forklifts have a lifting capacity of 2.5 tonnes and can be deployed in four directions on all types of surface. These forklifts can be hung behind tilt trailers that are equipped for this and flat-bed lorries.

Extendible flat-bed trailers

Single, double and triple extendible trailers

For indivisible loads longer than 16 metres, we use our single or double extendible trailers. A single extendible flat-bed trailer can extend up to 19.5 metres and the double extendible can extend to 32 metres.

For extra long or extra heavy loads, we deploy the big guns. The triple extendible four-axle flat-bed trailer can extend up to 36 metres and is deployed in transporting rolling bridges, heavy concrete beams and wind turbine blades, etc.

Transport that is longer than 30 metres requires special permits and escort vehicles are required. We have all this expertise in-house.

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