Rolloader crane

Every day various trailers with rolloader cranes traverse the Benelux.

These lorries, fitted with a travelling crane (boom length of up to 9 metres), transport various building materials (clinkers, kerbstones, bricks, pipes, concrete panels, etc.).

The available loading platform of our cranes varies from 11 to 12.5 metres. Depending on the goods transported, either a clamp, a pallet hook or a hoist sling is used.

Glass trailers

We also have semi low-loaders fitted with rolloader cranes.

These trailers are primarily deployed for transporting glass on stillages.

Tractor crane

We have various types of tractor crane available. These tractors can be combined with various types of trailer such as flat-bed trailers and low-loaders.

The exception to this is our lorry with a crane and 6-metre loading platform, to which we can attach another 6-metre trailer. This crane has a hoisting capacity of 35 tonne-metres.

35 tonne-metre tractor crane

We have three 35 tonne-metre tractor cranes with a boom length of up to 13 metres. These cranes are fully radio-linked controlled.

Beside the tractor, these cranes can hoist up to 6 tonnes; at a distance of 13 metres, this amount is 2 tonnes.

These cranes can be used for positioning units or containers, unloading materials on the roof of a building, assembling rolling bridges, hoisting glass and unloading ships, etc.

The great advantage of these cranes is their ability to be deployed in restricted spaces and workplaces with little free hoisting height (such as inside warehouses).

35-tonne-metre tractor crane with a boom length up to 25 metres and with a winch

The boom length of one of the 35-tonne-metre tractor cranes can be extended to 25 metres and fitted with a winch if necessary.

At 25 metres extension, this crane can hoist a load of up to about 700 kg. The winch can be used for positioning beams or for unloading material on top of a building or in cellars.

45 tonne-metre tractor crane

For the really heavy work, we also have two 45 tonne-metre tractor cranes. Right next to the trailer this crane can hoist about 7.5 tonnes; at a length of 14 metres this amount is about 2 tonnes.

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