Transport / Warehousing

Transport / Warehousing

Set your polymers in motion

H.Essers transports your bulk goods by road, both at home and abroad. For this, H.Essers has its own fleet of 60 m³ bulk trailers and specialised drivers with years of expertise in loading and unloading bulk goods.

H.Essers collaborates closely with the client in order to deliver the most efficient and cost-friendly bulk cargo solution. Thanks to the proximity of the inland container terminal in Meerhout, international bulk containers are able to be transported to their European destinations quickly and flexibly.

Warehouse solutions

In Tessenderlo, H.Essers has a covered storage capacity, an open storage capacity and a silo battery capacity. We have the most modern equipment to unload goods, regardless of the form in which they are delivered.

This logistics centre is equipped with various packaging lines (FFS, octabins, boxes and bags) so that H.Essers can repackage delivered bulk goods into all possible weights. Moreover, H.Essers has designed specific systems to deliver package goods efficiently in bulk format.

Value Added Services

  • (De)Bagging
  • Repackaging
  • (De)Stuffing
  • Drying
  • Blending
  • Weighing
  • Loading octabins to bulktrailers
  • Filling of big bags,octabins and Valve bags
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