Pfizer & H.Essers, together we make it transpossible

Pfizer & H.Essers, together we make it transpossible

In 2006, Pfizer represented H.Essers’ first steps into pharma logistics. Today, pharma has grown into one of our three strategic segments. H.Essers plays a crucial role in the organisation of the logistics for Pfizer. All road freight flows are managed and monitored from our control tower. For the last five years, we have also been providing full warehousing activities in Belgium for the African and the Middle Eastern markets, including cross-dock activities for road and sea freight.

Serialisation project for Pfizer’s in Saudi Arabia 

Due to a change in legislation that will enter into force in Europe in 2019, all products on the pharmaceutical market will receive a serial number. The number will make product counterfeiting more difficult and traceability will improve over the entire supply chain. In Saudi Arabia, this legislation has been applicable since March 2017 (serialisation phase II requirements). For the launch of its new line in Saudi Arabia, Pfizer relied on H.Essers to comply with this legislation. H.Essers’ distribution centre offered the solution and labelled all the products of the pharmaceutical company with the appropriate serial numbers.

Good Manufacturing Practices required

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to very strict rules and regulations. Therefore, H.Essers needed a GMP licence in order to complete this assignment. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) is a quality assurance system that ensures consistency of the composition of the products and that all quality standards are strictly adhered to. After obtaining this licence in February, we were ready to start the serialisation process.

A complex and elaborate process

For Pfizer this serialisation is a complex and elaborate process. The course of this process is carefully managed by H.Essers’ specialists. The first step is the IT-link with the European serialisation system for the request and exchange of the proper serial numbers. Subsequently, a data matrix is printed on labels for the serialisation of cold chain products with a temperature between 2°C and 8°C and products with a temperature between 15°C and 25°C. Finally, after sending feedback to the European system with regard to the used serial numbers, we finish the process with the aggregation at the seller’s shipping box level.

For more information about the serialisation process, you can contact Linde Van Vlasselaer,


Double celebration at Pfizer Belgium 

On Friday 21 April 2017 we attended a grand event at Pfizer Belgium in Zaventem to celebrate two memorable facts. Not only did the Belgian branch of the innovative pharmaceutical company celebrate its 65th anniversary, they also received mention in the Guinness Book of Records for their contribution in the largest donation of medicines ever made in 24 hours. This donation is part of a worldwide project of pharmaceutical companies combating ‘neglected tropical diseases’ that can be treated with, amongst others, Zithromax antibiotics. As Pfizer’s logistics partner in Belgium, H.Essers made a substantial contribution in the logistics chain of this Belgian shipment.

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