Value added Services

adding real value to the product

Value added Services

For us, our services on VAS are all about adding real value to the product.

Innovative offer

In recent years we have greatly expanded our services. From the search for innovation, coupled to the legendary ‘ can do ‘ culture of H.Essers, we have developed a wide range of innovative and cost saving services.
Our VAS-services go beyond the classical labelling and packaging activities, as they are also about advanced and targeted activities, automated or conceptual.
We collaborate with private people or with permanent partners in a structural joint venture. Our view is always on the most optimal logistics chain for the customer, or for the entire sector.

Different services

That added value activities can take place at different times or places in the logistics chain of our customer:

  • in the warehouse: both at inbound, as on the stock, during the pick & pack, as at the shipping.
  • during transport: the placing and connecting of printers for the client
  • administrative: consultancy about the optimization of logistics processes

A small selection from our offering: shop-ready making of goods, cutting of cables and plates, testing of routers, packing of chocolates, unidosing blisters, wiping of computers, …

Often these activities are focused on a specific market segment. So therefore, please take a look at the pages of the different segments

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