Multimodal Transport

Multimodal Transport

H.Essers provides domestic and Pan-European multimodal solutions, with branch offices at departure and destination locations. All types and any size of freight can be transported, whether by rail, inland shipping, short sea or deep sea.

There are numerous advantages, such as a greater load capacity, congestion-free transport and environmental friendliness. Continuous monitoring of all shipments ensures that clients always have their entire flow of goods tracked online.

Currently, there are five trains a week running between Belgium (Genk) and Romania (Curtici). This intermodal line between Belgium and Romania has been running since 2006 and is covered in 38 hours.

From Curtici we provide our own connections to Turkey (with our own local partner Horoz) and connections to Greece. Through our collaboration with Horoz, we have a distribution network of 28 hubs in Turkey which enables us to almost double the volume of full loads there and back again.

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