Inhouse Transport Management Systems

Order entry

You can enter your order in various ways, depending on your number of orders.

H.Essers web order

The H.Essers web-order system is a user-friendly online platform that enables you to create your own transport orders. Request a login ID and password and gain instant access to place your transport orders online from any computer. Your orders will be automatically processed and executed by the H.Essers TMS system.

Uploading orders

If you regularly place a large number of orders, you can choose from the following options:
1. Standardised: Both you and H.Essers use the same Excel file format. This spreadsheet is automatically read in by our systems.
2. Tailor-made: we develop a customised system that meets all your system requirements, enabling you to upload your orders in bulk.
3. EDI: we also provide a fully automated solution through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).
H.Essers is fully EDI-enabled and is also capable of reading in other file formats such as XML. This enables you to enter orders in your own systems which will then be seamlessly processed and executed. Naturally, H.Essers can provide the necessary expertise for setting up the interface between your systems and the H.Essers system.

Online tracking

Once your order has been entered, it is processed, planned and carried out. Our online ‘Truck & Trace’ application enables you to follow the whole process perfectly and see where your shipments are at any time of the day. Since all goods are labelled and scanned, your shipment can be tracked in real time.
By entering your reference number, you can see when your order was placed, planned and even on which specific journey it is scheduled. As all our lorries and trailers are fitted with GPRS, you can easily track your shipment throughout its journey via our website.

After delivery, you can use the same reference number to access the signed POD. This all takes place in a paperless, digital environment, providing a transparent operational and administrative tool for processing all the links in the supply chain!

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